Bang Head Here Time …..

Bang head here Do I need to print that and stick it on my cupboard door.  Cos today is one of those days when blood pressure is rising and to be honest temper is being hard to control.

Why is it some people don’t listen, and then run to you the minute everything goes ‘tits’ up?  I think that is one of the hardest parts of being on the outside of a situation looking in.  You can see what is going on and you can read the situation for what it is but for the life of you some people just don’t listen.  Whether it is because they are frightened to hear the truth or because they have this attitude that ‘everything in the garden should be rosy‘.

Unfortunately life is not like that.. no matter how much each and every one of us wants it to be.  Life sometimes deals you a cruel hand and you have to deal with it. Nothing is going to change things no matter how hard you try.  You can be as reasonable as you like, but the offending party is not going to play ball with you. The signs and the advice given, that us outsiders see, are totally ignored.

And then sometimes there is the added financial cost… yes you take pity, you help and put your hand in your pocket and then that person unbeknown to themselves, makes you feel as if they have just chucked dirty water in your face.  You know they don’t mean it, and you know it is because they refuse to see what you and others see.  But it does hurt and make you so mad…

Well there comes a point when sometimes, you just have to say, ‘Get on with and don’t come crying to me any more, cos you don’t bloody well listen’,  Maybe today is that day for me… my day of washing my hands of a certain situation.  If that person is not going to listen then they are going to have to clear up their own mess and get hurt all over again,  along the way.

I really could bang my head at the moment… at how stupid I have been.

Rant over….


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  1. surprisebjg says:

    This is great loooolll thank you for sharing my stress is already reduced :)))


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