Fifa Opens Suarez Bite Claim Disciplinary Action

Luis Suarez could be banned for up to two years if he is found guilty of biting a player for the third time.


Banned for up to two years… if found guilty?  It is this kind of behaviour that we don’t want our kids to copy.  There is no place in football for this kind of behaviour.  And we mustn’t forget this is the third time he has done this if found guilty.  I watched the video clip and it sure as hell looks to me as if he lunged for that player with his nashers…

There is clearly something wrong with this man’s head to keep behaving like this, unless of course he is just a bloody bully on the pitch.

Is two years long enough if he gets found guilty?  Nope I don’t think so… I would ban him for life.  We don’t need people like that in the game.


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