Bring in the women…

David Cameron laughingSo today is the day…when the hatchet will fall.  Yes that man in Number 10 is having a cabinet reshuffle.

Speculation is rife as to who will get which job… but we do know that William Hague will no longer be Foreign Secretary and he is not standing for re-election next year at the General Election.  I knew there was good news to this reshuffle. 😀

So what does the reshuffle have in store for us… well it seems that Cameron is now willing to sit around that cabinet table at Number 10 Downing Street in the presence of more women.  Yes people are wondering which women will now be appointed to cabinet members.

Since his rise to power in 2010, the cabinet has been very much male dominated… naturally the Labour MP’s are constantly jeering at Dishface for the lack of women on the front bench… 😀  But he hasn’t done anything about it, has he?

With less than 10 months to the next election, Dishface decides that it is time to honour the female Tory MP’s in hope that he appeases women in this country in order to gain their vote; by showing us females that women can get on in politics.

Oh FFS, if women vote for this man, solely because he has appointed women to the cabinet… then I am afraid to say, they are very much misguided. Dishface is and never will be a man who wants women sitting around the table with him… no matter how may times he says he does want females beside him in the cabinet.

If he really wanted women around that cabinet table he would have appointed us mere mortals, a long time ago.. This is just Dishface’s plan to get us women to vote for him… sorry, but no can do.

Personally, I don’t care who sits around that cabinet table with him.  What I care about is the policies that a Government brings in.  For instance this government has given us:

  • the ‘bedroom’ tax and the unfairness that goes hand in hand with it;
  • so many cutbacks that some people have to rely on food banks in order to eat;
  • the discrimination against people who are sick;
  • the pussyfooting over giving people the right to say whether or not they still want to be in Europe; and not forgetting
  • the tax breaks that have been given to the rich, whilst the man on the street has seen their income diminish to the point where they were better off 7 years ago than they are today.
  • the snooping charter

That is why I WON’T be voting Tory at the next election.

If Dishface seriously thinks that by having women in the cabinet he will win the next election… he is more deluded than I thought.  He is doing it in hope that it is a vote winner and he remains in power.

To be truthful, what more can we expect from a man with a bad memory and if any woman votes for him because he has elected women to the cabinet… just remember he is laughing behind your backs and if he gets re-elected I bet it won’t be long before he has a male-dominated cabinet, once again.

Think this tweet sums it up nicely…


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