Ladies the burning question….


Thousands-of-women-join-hairy-legs-movementTo shave or not to shave? That is the burning question.  Do you take to the Veet those legs, pick up the razor or opt for an appointment at the local waxing salon? Or do you just let those hairs grow?

I was reading an article today in the Daily Mirror about the thousands of women who have plummeted for letting the hairs on their legs grow.

These ladies are sharing the hairy leg photos on a blog called the Hairy Legs Club.

As much as I admire their courage for not shaving… and believe me it must be hell of a whole lot less hassle, I still think a nice smooth set of sun-tanned legs look stunning.

The mirror are running a poll and when I voted this was the result…


So it seems so far everyone thinks that women should shave their legs… I wonder how many men have voted? 😀


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