Feely grumpy with PMR at its best and then SKY tops it off.


grumpy_popGrrrrr why is life full of friggin idiots that don’t listen to what you say?… And why is it they decide to rattle your cage on a day when you are not feeling your best and the symptoms of PMR are rearing their ugly head?

I went back to the hospital early in July and I am now on the steroid cut down routine… gradually reducing them every two weeks.  First of all it was fine… but today I woke up with my right arm aching like mad, my hip aching and I think every large muscle wanting to come out in sympathy.

No I am not in the greatest of moods and when something goes wrong I don’t expect to be told by people to do their job, and if I don’t do what they tell me then then the problem can’t be that much of a priority.

stupid motherf...ersYes I am talking about SKY… and their wonderful customer service. Or rather lack of.

My mother’s phone, has a fault… In fact the latest person who I telephoned actually heard the fault for himself… Bravo finally someone I thought was listening… But alas NO.  He listened, agreed there was a fault and then repeated the mantra of the other 2 or 3 customer service representatives… Some help that is.

My mother is hard of hearing and when you ring her on her phone…. it rings and when she answers it you can hear her voice slightly and above that is beeps and a voicemail answer message and then another message telling you to hang up and try again later. And when you do 1471 it gives you a number that is not even my mother’s even though that is the person who last called.  And if my mother does ring, which at the moment she is constantly doing, the whole call is being recorded by my voicemail and I keep having to delete messages… and when you dial 1571 it is our conversation that is recorded but a completely different number allocated to that call.

Only if you remember your password
Only if you remember your password

I can’t hear my mother’s voice at all at times and she definitely is having a job to hear me.  So I ring SKY…. of course they ask for a Password, (which I have forgotten) and they tell me she has to ring them. She can’t ring because:

  • She can’t hear the other person speak because of this message and beeps that keep playing and
  • she can’t remember the password herself.
  • she is housebound and has no access to a mobile phone or other communicating device unless she learns to use  tom-tom drums or sends smoke signals.

So you tell them at SKY she can’t do that…. and ask if they could ring her to get her permission to speak to me and then the problem would be solved.  Nope, no can do. You see one person said it was an incoming call centre only… but the final bloke did ring her and because she kept saying that she can’t hear them, he rung me back and said there was nothing he could do, even though he could clearly hear the fault and what was happening on the line.

So I asked the third customer representative can he phone her again and just say to her, “Is it OK for us to speak to your daughter?”  To which came the usual reply nope, no can do.

Three or maybe four representatives I have spoken too today and NONE of them will help an elderly woman who can’t use her phone.  Brilliant isn’t it.  Every month SKY take her money for services that are now faulty.

One cheeky barsteward even told me to go around there and sort it out… When I told him I wasn’t feeling too well myself and couldn’t do it, he replied something along the lines of if it was that much of a priority I would do it, as I had told them that the phone is her life-line.

My mother is your customer SKY and I am not employed by SKY either.  And I am now seriously thinking of going to Virgin Media for my phone and TV.  I know they have to pay SKY something for the TV package but they don’t have to pay them for the phone. The less my family can give to SKY the better.


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