David ‘Dishface’ Cameron – I always thought….

David CameronHe, you know who, old Dishface Cameron was a slimy bastard but today definitely confirmed it for me.  Today, across our lands, the commemoration services for those who lost their lives in First World War, have taken place.

With services held in the city of London, Folkestone, Glasgow and Belgium, to name but a few… we all took a moment out to think of those who laid down their lives so that we, could have our freedom.  The freedom that me and you take for granted every day.  If it had not been for those who were prepared to fight to save our freedoms, god knows what lives each of us would have lead, under an occupation.

Today, was a day of sombre mood, thinking of those who died, and it was definitely not a day for politics.  Whether you are UKIP, Tory, Labour or the Monster Raving Looney Party, we each showed our respects to the fallen and the injured of the Great War.

But as for Dishface Friggin Cameron… he played politics.

You see the people of Scotland, and the first minister of Northern Island laid a wreath along with the Deputy Prime Minister and the people of Wales


Wreath-Split-2But when it came to Cameron and Miliband, spot the difference…

PM and Miliband

David Cameron must have made sure he signed his personally, but the others were handed their wreaths just moments before laying them.

Of course there was outcry at Miliband for the way the wreath was signed… but people jumped on the bandwagon of attacking Miliband without realising that every other wreath laid by Scotland and the Northern Island Minister was written in the same pen and with the same handwriting.

Today was not about Politics and each of those who laid a wreath should have been given the opportunity to write their own personal messages of remembrance.  But only Dishface did… talk about being a slimy bastard… and if this wasn’t a political smearing stunt and stamping your ‘I’m the PM’ feet, I don’t know what is.  His message should have read From the Prime Minister… like all the others… or he should have made sure that personal cards were attached to other wreaths…. slimy git.


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