Baroness Warsi Resigns…

Baroness-Sayeeda-Warsi-001Tenders her resignation to the Prime Minister and resigns from the Tory Government.

By all accounts, as she states in her letter of resignation, she can not agree with the Government’s position with regards to the conflict that is happening in Gaza… and she can’t agree with the Government on its policies with regards to the Israeli-Gaza conflict.

I don’t think many do to be honest.  As much as I accept the fact that Israel has the right to defend their country… their use of force with regards to the latest conflict has not been proportionate, with regards to the shelling of UN schools and buildings as well as the loss of civilian lives.

We all agree that Hamas is a terrorist organisation, and they are using the plight of the people of Gaza as a means to their terrorist antics… but the younger people of Gaza have not known what freedom is, and they have spent their entire lives under suppression.  They see no hope of a future for themselves.  All they see is the carnage left by the Israeli shells, which then makes them stand by Hamas because they believe Hamas will lead to their freedom.

Yesterday we as a world remembered those who had fallen in the First World War… we remembered the sacrifice they gave in order for us to have our freedom.  The same freedom that should be given to the Palestinian people.  Bombs, bullets and rockets will never lead to peace.  It will always lead to death and more hostility.

The Palestinian people have a right not to be blockaded, they have a right to electricity 24/7 like we have, they have a right to build a future for themselves.

The Israelis also have the right to live in peace…. and both sides really do need to sit down… talk about a two-state solution… stop their attacks on each other and the blockade should be lifted… then and only then will peace be restored.

We, as a nation, learnt that you have to talk to terrorist organisations if you want peace. FFS, we’ve been talking to the Taliban and we spoke to the IRA in order to garner peace.  Why can’t we speak to Hamas?

Baroness Warsi said in her letter about that the British response to the conflict will have

“detrimental impact on our reputation internationally and domestically”

And she also said in her resignation.

“Particularly as the Minister with responsibility for the United Nations, The International Criminal Court and Human Rights, I believe our approach in relation to the current conflict is neither consistent with our values, specifically our commitment to the rule of law and our long history of support for international justice.”

Never a truer word spoken…. we as a nation can’t stand by Israel all the time they are not being restrained and are being allowed to bomb civilians on mass and have no respect for locations and buildings that are under the United Nations jurisdiction.

I just hope and pray that one day peace will be restored to the Middle East and we can all live together on this planet.  And we all have to learn that we have to respect another nation’s culture and they must respect our culture.  If you, as a person, can’t accept the culture of another land, then don’t visit there, stay away.  And the same should apply here, if you can’t accept British Culture… then don’t bother coming here.  As they say…

When in Rome do as the Romans do!


Warsi resignation


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