Boris for MP

Boris JohnsonAnd yes the great debate has started in the media and on social networks as to whether Boris will be our next Prime Minister. 😀

But you have to love him… he is a character and half, a bungling one at that… but all the same a character who you just can’t stop yourself laughing at.

I think far better than David ‘Dishface’ Cameron who mimics people who call him ‘Dishface’ etc., etc..

And not forgetting Iain ‘sick people are a drain on the welfare budget, best if they could manage to curl up and die than claim benefits or I could live on £53 a week’ Duncan Smith Dopey Sod.

But I did have to laugh at this tweet by David Cameron.

Bet Cameron won’t be saying that when he is one who gets subbed on that playing field 😀



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