Please stop knocking on my door….


We now just over 9 months before the General Election and in Medway the local elections.  But the problem is who to vote for…. in the local elections… well for us as a family, we say ‘Don’t knock on our door if you are opposed to Boris Island’.

Yep our council Medway is against the airport… so they won’t be getting my vote.

And only a couple of weeks ago we had a gentlemen at the door who is planning to stand for election for the Labour Party, and I did ask what their stance was on the airport issue and they said categorically, ‘They were against it, because the area would be swamped.’

Swamped with what?  Jobs.  Now that can’t be a bad thing can it?  And have you found cheap property around Heathrow or Gatwick due to a property price slump because homes are near the airport? No.  Yes initially Medway will suffer some upheaval, but bringing jobs to Medway surely is a plus… especially for an area that has an high unemployment rate.

Even Andrew Lloyd Webber agrees with an airport being put at the Isle of Grain

He states:

I think it is known that art and architecture, along with protecting the rural environment, are high on my list of passions. So a short while ago I took a day trip to the Hoo peninsula and the Isle of Grain and was much taken with it. The impressive early Gothic church at Cliffe dates from a time dates from a time when this was a much wealthier region. I liked the prayer in the guidebook that implies a traveller will not pass this way again. The whole of the Hoo peninsula has an eerie, spooky feeling about it with its distant background of oil refinery chimneys, huge power stations and striding pylons.

But despite its pleasing sense of desolation, it’s not exactly Britain’s finest landscape. Maybe I won’t go so far as a traveller named Hasted who, in 1789, wrote it was “an unfrequented place, the roads of which are deep and miry and it is as unhealthy as it is unpleasant”. I like these sort of places. The pubs are a glorious time warp. I never thought I’d see Britvic on a bar shelf again and (I hope I am right) did I even see a bottle of Babycham?

The truth is, if we have to find a place to put a massive hub airport, this is it.

Boris Island

So what are the advantages for building an airport?

  • Jobs whilst constructing the airport.
  • Local businesses benefiting from people using the airport, ie taxi companies.
  • More visitors to Historic Rochester
  • Easy access to Europe via the Ebsfleet Station
  • Jobs created by the various shops, cafes and hotel/hotels that will be needed at the new airport.
  • Permanent staff required to man the airport, ie check in staff and baggage handlers, security etc.
  • More tourist for Medway and Kent
  • Easy access for people of Kent without having to endure M25
  • Jobs whilst creating the road and rail infrastructure that will needed to service the airport.
  • More trade at Bluewater.

And for those that are complaining about foreign investment meaning foreign labour… how about campaigning for a stipulation that jobs have to go to residents of Medway who have been resident here for x amount of years.  And there is no need to worry about an influx of foreign labour… Medway has a lot of foreign residents, some of whom are unemployed.

I can see a new airport being the economical boost that Medway needs.  I am all for it and so is my hubbie and his first words tonight was… “Well that will ensure ‘Boris Island’ if Boris gets to be PM.”  I do have to laugh at his thinking 😀  Mind you I think it is because he is hoping to get a job nearer home, where he doesn’t have to get up at 5.30 am and battle the traffic on the A2 every day.

So please don’t knock on our door if you are opposed to the airport… we will be voting for the party that welcomes it… and if none of them do… we will be ‘stay away voters’ this year.


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