Blogging – So what is the next step…

owning your blogSo that is two decisions made in your new life of blogging… the first step being that you decided to blog and the second step being on whether you will let take care of your hosting or you would opt for the Self Hosting method.

And remember whatever you decide to blog about, it is your choice… it is your piece of cyberspace to write down your own thoughts, show your photographs, share a recipe of two, or whatever your passion may be.  Your blog is your space so don’t let others come along, troll your blog, insult you and put you off of what can be a great adventure.  The world of blogging is showing your appreciation to another person’s blog and them encouraging you, with their likes and nice comments, to carry on with your own blog.  You wouldn’t let someone into your home to insult and abuse you, would you? So why let them do it on your blog?

Now the third step is what is your blog going to be about?   Oh my you have so many interests, you can’t decided which one to choose…. well have no fear, if you are blogging with, you have the ability to create as many free blogs as you wish.

Which is great if you have a passion for say photography and cooking and you want to keep them separate.  But the choice is yours… you can combine your hobbies and your thoughts into one blog or keep them separate.  That is why I love

I have three blogs going, one about our Photography, one about the places we have eaten called Weekend Ramblings (note self must update that soon) and this blog, which covers everything else… my thoughts, my sense of humour, my rants and whatever else I like to voice my opinion on.

Why I keep my Photography and Places to Eat blog separate, is simply because I wanted them to concentrate on each subject separately… I didn’t want a mish-mash of posts one being about photography and the next being about a plate of steak and chips I ate at some country pub.

Cookery-school_zpsfe6eb082 URLIt is your blog so be comfortable about how it is run…   And don’t fear if you run a blog that has multiple posts and then decide later on that, you wish you had created separate blogs, for instance you wish you had put all  your cookery posts a blog of their own…. Don’t fret about it because the remedy is simple; as WordPress gives you the option of exporting posts from a certain category to a xml file which you can then import to your new blog.  Problem solved.

Growing your audience and reaching out to other people to encourage them to follow your blog and getting your blog noticed takes time.  Post regularly and encourage your readers to comment.  Comment on other blogs, but don’t start leaving the link to your blog in other people’s posts in hope that they might venture to your blog.  It is bad manners.  Anyway, with WordPress, it gives you the opportunity to have your blog link attached to your name.  So when you comment, readers can click on your name and be forwarded to your blog.  To do this you have to go to Users in your Dashboard and select Personal Settings and scroll down to the Account details and add your blog’s URL there.

Also use social media to promote your blog and tag your posts correctly to gain more readers.

But the most important thing about blogging is online security…. YOURS.  Don’t give too much away if you don’t want people to know who you are… Don’t post photos of your family and children, if you don’t want them to recognised in public.  If your are comfortable with people knowing a little about yourself and who you are then fine… just don’t cry foul if you get some unwarranted attention.  Your security on the internet should start from you.

Blogging can be a great experience… and believe me you do get to know some really nice people on the internet.  There are photography blogs that I follow and read regularly and believe me I have learnt a lot about photography by reading these blogs. Some blogs have given me inspiration to further my photography  whilst other blogs have taught me tips and tricks with regards to using photography software like Lightroom and Photoshop.  By following various blogs within WordPress, you get to see those bloggers new posts within your reader.  Having your blog at gives you a whole new blogging experience, especially with their reader, stats, and notification services.

So you’ve now jumped in with both feet into the blogging world…. HAPPY BLOGGING.


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  1. robacollins says:

    Really enjoyed this post, perfect for a newbie like me getting into blogging! Thanks for the advice 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bren says:

      You are more than welcome… starting out in the blogsphere can be rather daunting at times. 😀 I know when I started out doing just a general whatever-goes blog .. I sat there for a good while thinkings ‘WTF am I going to blog about?’ I had already set up the blog and inspiration must have swept by me and missed. I didn’t have a clue. The photography blog was easy… pictures, more pictures and even more pictures with just a little info about the places we had been. Good luck in your future blogging.


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