BOSCH Tassimo Charmy TAS5542GB

TassimoIdon’t know about you, but some things, especially if I don’t really need it, when it comes to purchasing them I umm and arr and often walk out of the store empty-handed.

For years I have seen Tassimo adverts on TV, and thought I would love one of those… But then looked at the price and thought ‘Bugger that’, buy a jar of coffee and boil the kettle. 😀

But one of my favourite coffees is Costa coffee…. I just love it.  Anyway, one day we were in Tescos and we saw in a packet Costa Filter Coffee… So that was it… coffee filter machine purchased as well as a couple of bags of Costa Coffee.

costa coffeeNaturally, when we arrived up and for a few days… we would get the filter coffee and make a jug… But one of the things we did notice was that it didn’t stay hot for long…. even though the heat pad was supposed to stay warm for a couple of hours.

And then there was the clearing up… washing the jug up… emptying the filter part, washing that up and then putting it all back together.  At first it is a novelty having these gadgets… but it soon wears off when it involves the clearing up from brewing a jug of coffee.

So it sat on the side just taking up space and collecting dust.

Anyway, last Saturday, hubby cuts the grass and decided to brew a pot of Costa coffee… yes he filled it up and put the coffee in the filter and pressed the on button… Nothing, Nada, Zilch.  It was not working. No matter what we did.

So he said, ‘Lets get a new filter coffee machine… cos we still had some Costa coffee left.’ ‘Fine,’ I replied.  And so we set off for Argos, which is just a few minutes down the road.  We looked through the catalogue and couldn’t find one we wanted.

As I turned the page to see if they had any more machines, I spotted the Tassimo section and that was it… it was time to seriously purchase this machine.  We read, or well he did cos I had forgotten my reading glasses, what each machine did and settled on the one picture above.

Next stop Tesco’s to get some Tassimo coffee and then the unveiling of this machine and hopefully, after two hours, get a cup of coffee.  Have to laugh though, the reason we went in the first place was because we had Costa Filter Coffee in a bag…. We still do and we can’t use it with the Tassimo. 😀

Anyway Tuesday came and I thought I could make myself a cup of Costa coffee….

No such luck…. I thought I did it right and nothing, nada, zilch.. Anyway, after my instructions by phone I finally got my cup of coffee, only problem I put the wrong bloody pod into the machine and ended up with a Kenco Coffee.

Every night this week, we have a coffee made by the Tassimo, we love it.  There is no cleaning of filters, and yes, you can only make one cup at a time, but that is a small price to pay for having coffee on tap.

pod holder tassimoAnd when we purchased our Tassimo, we got two offers for £10 off of each order… and then another offer came by email, saying free postage and package.

So we couldn’t resist buying a chrome holder for the coffee pods… and we made two orders, one for just coffee and used our free P&P voucher, and then made another order for the pod holder, descaling tablets and another pack of Costa Coffee and used one of our £10 off vouchers.

We only placed our order on Tuesday night and today our items were delivered…. a great service from Tassimo and the pod holder is brilliant and sits on our side, just by the Tassimo.

One of the coffees that I did order was the Costa Coffee Latte, and tonight I had a cup and it was delicious.  I know I shouldn’t have, as it did have sugar in it and it was very creamy… But I don’t think one cup now and again will hurt?  Tough shite if it does, I have 7 more to drink. 😀

I just love the Tassimo and it is a lot cleaner than using filtered coffee…. Only thing is I was expecting George Clooney to be delivered, and then wept in my pillow when he indoors said, ‘You’ll be waiting forever, he comes with Nespresso… ‘ 😢 😢 😢


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