Thank god it’s Friday


Tweety-thank-god-its-fridayAnd another week has gone by…  and another week closer to my dream holiday next year… talk about wishing your life away. 😀

I love weekends, first of all I get taken out and treated to lunch on a Sunday and my hubby takes me somewhere nice for the day so that I can get away from these four walls.

What with my not being able to operate the Tassimo on Tuesday and breaking the tumble dryer the day before.. this week has been a case of, waiting for the third thing to happen. I’ve been too frightened to touch anything else, just in case I break it. 😀

So there I was after eventually getting this Costa coffee on Tuesday planning where we would go… little did I know Bertha was coming to stay and sit with her bloody rain clouds all over the South East of England.

Weekend weather

And the day that is sunny is the day we have things planned (fitting in new tumble dryer and shopping) and can’t go too far on our photographic outings… drat, dam, blast.

Bertha you are a pain in the rear… Couldn’t you have descended on us on Monday?

But rain, hail, thunder, heavy showers will not deter me from enjoying this weekend. Well I am saying that now… but I might not be when the cussing and cursing happens when he has to sort out the tumble dryer. 😀

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing… Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget your brolly, waders and rain coat. 😀 😀


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