Daily Prompt: Second Opinion

Second Opinion

What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

clothesOh my, this is a hard one, where to start?  Well, I think I would have to say when it comes to buying dresses, that is when I need a second opinion. Jeans, tops, skirts, trousers I have no bother with choosing, but dresses, that is another matter.

Maybe it is because I rarely wear dresses… I do own a few summer dresses.. But they hang in the wardrobe and rarely see the light of day.  Which is rather silly because when we had the tremendous hot weather a few weeks ago, I did get one of the dresses out and wore it and found it was a whole lot cooler than wearing cropped linen trousers and a T-shirt.

I hate shopping for dresses, especially if I have to find something classy for a wedding. Personally, I would be happier in a trouser suit or smart separates.  But when it comes to a wedding you have to go that extra mile, don’t you?

I do have a couple of dresses that are in wardrobe that are ideal for special occasions, like weddings… The only thing I hope is  that I don’t get invited to two or more weddings where the guest lists have the same people attending, otherwise I am buggered. 😀

Believe me, going dress shopping with me is harder than climbing Everest.  I  find a dress, pick it up, try it on, put it back and then go to the next shop, do exactly the same and by the end of the shopping expedition I find that I eventually buy the first dress I tried on…

Whether it is a comfort thing, and I prefer separates and need the confirmation of another person that the dress looks OK, I don’t know.  But, all I do know, is my husband calls me a pain in the ass.   Mind you I don’t go with him regularly clothes shopping, as he will say everything looks ‘Fine’. 😀


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