Things are looking positive…

Accu-Chek Aviva Blood GlucoseAs I have mentioned under two weeks ago I was diagnosed as being Diabetic.. I don’t know what it was but I felt guilty for being diabetic… I thought it was a stigma; a result of not looking after yourself and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Years of eating the wrong thing, eating things that you knew were not good for you… Ice cream, sweets, sticky puddings etc.

And of course the years I smoked… Which I did give up in 2010.  Mind you I didn’t have half go wrong with me when I smoked as I have since I stopped smoking.  I never went to the Doctors, only if I felt so ill, and I couldn’t deal with it with over the counter medicines. My normal way of dealing with minor ailments would be to patch myself up, and carry on… Doctors were for real sick people; not me.

But the last four years, since giving up smoking I have done nothing but become a pin cushion and sat in surgery’s and hospital outpatients being diagnosed with one thing then another and then something else.  Makes me wonder whether I should’ve given up smoking. 😀

nhs_prescriptionMy prescriptions were being produced in novel form now due to the number of items 😀 Thank God the NHS runs a Pre Payment certificate system, because having 8 different drugs to take a day, without the Diabetic one is very costly when each item on a prescription is charged at £8.05.

So paying for a yearly Prepayment Certificate at just over £10 a month was beneficial to me.

However, my Doctor did inform me, that now that I am Diabetic I don’t have to pay for prescriptions or eye tests.  Mind you I think I’d prefer to pay the £10 a month at times than having to give up things like a trifle and strawberry cheesecake.

The directions for taking this Diabetic drug Metformin was:

  • One tablet for seven days, 30 mins before breakfast
  • One tablet twice a day for seven days, 30 mins before breakfast and evening meal
  • One tablet three times a day for seven days, 30 mins before breakfast, lunch, and evening meal
  • And then 2 tablets twice a day, 30 mins before breakfast and evening meal.

I have done the first stage and am on the second stage… Come Tuesday I will be on the third stage before finally reaching the full dosage.  Anyway, when we went to town the other week I did purchase an Accu-Check Blood Glucose Tester from Boots, which wasn’t bad at just under £16.  Of course I tried it when I got home and because we had lunch out… I nearly died when the test strip said 20.1.

Anyway, when I had my initial fasting (12 hour) blood test the result was 18.3.  Way, way too high.  So today because I hadn’t eaten or drank anything within the last 10 hours, when I got up I got hubby to do a test.  And I was so pleased when the machine bleeped at me to say it was now 8.6.  Not perfect, but a whole lot better than it was three weeks ago.

And what makes that figure even more important to me is that last night we went out for a meal, and when it came to ordering a desert, my hubby ordered profiteroles and I asked for two spoons and I stole two of those profiteroles.  That waitress must have thought that we were tight buggers asking for two spoons. 😀

I have found people, especially on Facebook and Twiiter, to be so helpful, people who either have diabetes or know someone who has.  Their tips about what you can and can’t eat really do help.  Especially today when this kind lady told me about how I could have something sweet at times, but after a meal and even better if I took a walk after it.

Friday, last week I received two letters, one enclosing my 5 year Medical Exemption Certificate and the other to phone for an appointment for the Diabetic 6 week course. Due to high demand I can’t go on mine until the end of October.

It is not a stigma to be diagnosed with Diabetes… It is just one of those things and in all probability mine was probably caused by taking steroids for a long period of time.

The only fear I have to overcome is the fear of doing the self-check…. I can’t bring myself to prick my finger.  Thank God hubby is on hand… He pricks my finger and I does the test for me.  That is what you get when you have a phobia of needles and blood.  You get a scaredy cat. 😀


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