Consultation on Ebbsfleet Housing Development…

ebbsfleet valleyBack in August 2012, I wrote this post about the new proposed housing development at Ebbsfleet, well today the Government have put their proposals online and are requesting the public’s opinion on this development.

It is all well and good, having this housing, but we need the infrastructure to cope with the development.  People moving to Ebbsfleet without the hope of a job in the South East is going to add this county’s crime rate.  Whilst most people are law-abiding unfortunately, there are some unsavory characters out there who have no qualms about turning to crime.

Medway Council and some local people don’t want the airport built here, which would ease the job situation. So where are all these new jobs supposed to come from if we don’t build to create jobs and make it viable for industry and businesses to bring their companies to the South East.

And have you tried to drive up the A2 road at rush hour…. It is chockablock.  It only takes one minor accident for there to be gridlock on that road.  Whether it be north bound or south bound, both sides are affected, one side due to the accident and the other side due to the swan-neckers that just can’t help slowing down to have a look at what has happened.

Even if these Politicians think that the Thames Gateway Port in Essex will provide jobs, have you tried to get through the tunnel during rush hour… Well, if you have, you damn well know that you can be queued in traffic for quite a while waiting to pay at the booths and even when the new toll system comes into force.. You will have the same amount of cars travelling through and maybe it will be more free flowing, but that will be OK until high winds hit the area and then the Queen Elizabeth II bridge will be closed and the traffic re-routed through one of the tunnels, which then cuts the traffic going into Essex down to 2 lanes in one tunnel.

Honestly though, more homes, means more cars and the A2 and Dartford Tunnel approach road can’t cope now, during rush hour, yet alone with nearly 15,000 more cars on the road, providing that is one car per house.  And we know that some houses have two or three cars parked in their driveway.  Let’s say half of those 15,000 houses have two cars, that is nearly an extra 22,000 that could be on the road.

Getting around by snail will be quicker. 😀

If they have plans to build and improve the existing road infrastructure, especially the A2 and Dartford Tunnel Approach road, then fine, but I do hope that they don’t expect us all to live with the same amount of schools, hospitals and water supply as we have now.  More houses, means more road usage, more cars, more children, more water needed… It is not just a case of building a few houses and ignoring the rest.  If you live in Kent and want to voice your opinion about this house building project that is planned for our region,  you can contact the conciliation committee and voice your concerns  by emailing them at or  by writing  to them at:

Matthew Prescott
Ebbsfleet Delivery Team
3rd Floor, Fry Building
2 Marsham St


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