We poked our noses in…

bush-blair-Iraq-warAnd bit off more than we could chew, and created mayhem and carnage in the process.

Back in 2003 when Blair went to the House of Commons and told the MP’s and the public that there was weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq, not only did he mislead the House but also the public into believing that it would be in ours and the people of Iraq best interests to enforce Regime change and give a better way of life to the Iraqi people.

After removing Saddam Hussein and toppling the Regime, there was no clear plan to enforce that would lead to stability for the people of Iraq. In fact, Bush and Blair by stamping their feet and demanding we invade Iraq, did nothing but create a power vacuum.  If they had thought about it… And had an Iraqi Government already waiting in the wings to take power, then maybe we might have seen a little more peaceful Regime change than we have today.

Iraq has never been at peace, what with constant suicide bombings and loss of innocent lives, that it makes you realise that these two men created between them, a world that is less peaceful and a world that is forever under threat by Islamic extremists.

Yesterday the news broke of innocent Iraqis being slaughtered and even buried alive because they refused to give up their Christian faith and become a Muslim.  Muslims up and down the land are as appalled as us Christians at what is happening in the name of Islam.  They don’t approve of what is happening and they definitely don’t class, such slaughter as being done in the name of Islam.

Back in July this year Fleetstreetfox in a Mirror article posted an Open Letter to Tony Blair from Iraq. The final paragraphs sums the situation we see today.  She wrote:

Just because you intervened in a Sunni-Shia row that’s been raging since the 7th century, removed the one unifying force in a nation of about six different ethnic groups, made a complete hash of the occupation which radicalised thousands and pulled out leaving us the 7th most corrupt nation in the world is no reason to beat yourself up.

Saddam and his boys were utterly monstrous, and thanks to your £1.1trillion war we now have a bunch of new and interesting monsters to deal with.

We’d love to introduce you to them if you ever come over this way.

Hope you like the oil, and thanks for all the fundamentalists!

If a Sunni-Shia conflict has not been properly solved since the 7th Century, what hope did two 21st Century Politicians hope to do.  The blood and death that is happening to Christians, Sunnis and Shite’s today is, in my opinion, a result of our intervention back in 2003.  And as Fleetstreetfox points out – We’ve seen reports that the British taxpayer spends £250,000 a year on your security in case disgruntled Iraqis try to blow you up. – You are being kept safe at the price of all those who are being murdered daily due to the likes of ISIS.

As much as I don’t want to see our troops being sent back to Iraq, I fear that might be the only solution and the only way to destroy ISIS… Our involvement in Iraq will go on forever and a day simply because we went to war back in 2003 and opened a can of worms that the lid can never be put back on.


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