Where will this world of terror end?

Khaled Sharroul's son

Alittle boy who should be playing with toys, having fun and playing football, appears today in papers and on TV news media outlets, with him not holding a football in his hand but a severed head.

It scares me to death…  What will become of our world?  When and where will people learn that we need to live side by side and in peace?

Looking at the picture of that little boy, robbed of his childhood because his father is an ISIS jihadist fighter, scares the living daylights out of me; simply because that little boy will grow up to be tomorrow’s terrorist.

We have seen atrocities throughout our world, what with suicide bombings and people thinking they were safe under the UN Flag only to be killed by a missile.  We have seen our servicemen flown home in coffins, we have seen the blood on the streets of the Middle East.

You turn on the TV and see the plight of people seeking refuge away from Jihadists because of their Religion and people having to return home to homes that are nothing but rubble.  It makes horrible viewing. But when you see a child holding the head of another human being without looking phased that is, when the true horror of what could be starts to become what will be.

I don’t know what the solution is… But I think if I was a whole lot younger, I would seriously think twice about bringing children into this warped, war-ridden world we live in and that makes me feel sad.


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