One of my passions

One of my passions, is Photography.  Which can be rather a problem at times, especially when you suffer from Polymyalgia Rheumatica, and are trying to hold a camera steady. 😀

In a way I am lucky because my husband, who also has a passion for photography, takes me to places where there are plenty of benches to sit on.  And the places he takes me to have lovely gardens, where I enjoy photographing the flowers.

Suffering from an illness where, you ache no matter what you do, unless you pump yourself full of medication which then turns you into a zombie, is rather debilitating.  At times, if he didn’t take me out in the car at weekends, if only to sit on the sea front or in some garden or another, I think depression would really take hold of me.

And I have found a nifty way of stopping camera shake…. Use a monopod as a stabilizer.

Here is a selection of photographs of flowers we have taken throughout the South East of England.  You can view more of photography by visiting our Ryan Photography blog.

I know there are other people out there who suffer, so what form of hobby do you have, that takes your mind off of your illness.

Enjoy our flower photographs…..


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