Bullets and Burgers….


NRA - Girl shots instructorAre definitely not a recipe that any child should have.

I really can’t understand why any parent would want to give their child a day out on a firing range. What ever possesses a person to think that it is OK for a nine-year old child to fire a gun?

It is true guns don’t kill… it is the people who handle them.  Only this week news broke of a tragic accident in America where a nine-year old girl was at a firing range shot her instructor dead.  By all accounts, the child was firing an Uzi when it went from semi-automatic to automatic and due to recoil she lost grip and ended up shooting her instructor in the head.

It really does amaze me that, in America you can’t touch alcohol until you are 21 yet at 8 years old you can handle a machine gun.  FFS, I really do hope that someone gets to grip with the gun laws in America and they put a stop to this kind of thing.  Yes from $199 you can have Bullets and Burgers.  Whatever happened to Burgers and fairground rides?  Surely it is a better experience for a child to go on fairground rides, paddle in the sea and do kiddy things instead of taking up arms?

This little girl will now have to live the rest of her life, knowing she killed someone, albeit accidentally.  She will have to have the trauma of that day living with her forever.  Is it the little girl’s fault? Definitely not.  It is the fault of the parents for agreeing to this activity and the club for offering such activities to a 9-year-old.

Upon reading Bullets and Burgers website, the minimum age a child can go on this kind of activity is 8, and all kids between the ages of 8-17 must have a parent or legal guardian with them at all times.

There is much cry in America that it is every person’s right to bare arms… but come on allowing a child to bare arms is just bloody crazy.

One day I do hope America does get to grips with its gun laws… and that incidents like this never happen again and children are not allowed to handle weapons, until they reach the age of 21.  FFS if they think alcohol is bad for you and you have to wait until you are 21 to have your first legal alcoholic drink; then bullets are definitely more harmful.  Some common sense please America.


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  1. jonolan says:

    A few things:

    One, there’s nothing at all wrong w/ a 9 year-old on the range; I started shooting at 8. Not, however with a submachinegun.

    Two, the Uzi didn’t “go from” semi to full; the instructor changed the setting and let the girl go for it – a stupid, stupid thing! I’ve trained adults in their use and I wouldn’t do it that the way he did with them, much less a small child.

    Three, no gun control laws that aren’t utterly draconian and unconstitutional – and would result in a revolution post haste – can stop gun range situations like this.

    Four, your opinion on guns and their relative danger vs. alcohol are not in any way born out by facts since alcohol is a prime vector in orders of magnitude more death than firearms.

    Fifth and last, since you can enlist in the military and go die at 17, I personally think that anything age-restricted should be set at 17. That’s just me though.


    1. Bren says:

      You are entitled to your opinion, but I think allowing children to handle guns, whether it be on a range or not, is something I can’t agree with. That little girl forever and a day will remember that incident. Totally agree that the instructor was as much at fault for switching the Uzi to automatic… I think we will have to agree to disagree on allowing people, especially children, under a certain age being allowed on ranges.

      I wasn’t referring to the deaths caused through alcohol or guns, what I was trying to get at is this… the powers of B think you are too immature and not adult enough to handle alcohol and its effects until you are 21, yet you are adult enough and mature enough to fire a gun on a range at 8-17.

      It is like here in the UK, you can have sex, start a family, even get married at 16 with parents consent, yet you can’t drink, smoke or vote … or even buy fireworks.


  2. jonolan says:

    Oh, you’re a Brit. Nevermind, there’s no point in our discussing this issue as our cultures have diverged too much, especially on this sort of issue. We just don’t have enough in common to debate and argument is useless.


    1. Bren says:

      Yes a true Brit through and through 😀


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