Take that ink off your face…..


So the terror threat in the United Kingdom has been raised to severe…  and our delectable Prime Minister, Mr ‘Dishface’ Cameron, comes to the podium to tell us all that we must be extra vigilant and our nation’s security is at risk.

Well  it doesn’t take Einstein to work out, that what is going on in this world with the likes of IS and their extremist activities and blood thirsty barbaric ways, that eventually they will turn their attention to the West.

But there again the cynic in me, does wonder if this was a good time for ‘Dishface’ to stand there and tell us all we could be blown to bits, rather than have to face questions as to why his party members are defecting to UKIP.

And the highlight of the entire press conference was him rubbing ink on his face…

As the lyrics of an Andrew Lloyd Webber song goes (with a quick re-write)…

Take the ink off your face
(Take the ink off your face)
I can see through your smile
(I can see through your smile)

You would love to be right
I bet you didn’t sleep good last night
Couldn’t wait to bring all that bad news to my door
Well, I’ve got news for you, I knew before



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