Get robbed and become a cop…


policeAusterity has now got some police forces asking people who are victims of certain crimes, such as vehicle crime, criminal damage and burglaries, to become a cop for them and investigate their own crimes. according to a report issued by the HMIC

No it is not the Police being lazy… it is simply because they don’t have the manpower to investigate these crimes.  Yes they have the powers to investigate and they have the resources but they don’t have the manpower to do it.

The report says:

2.47 Our inspection also identified that for some reports of volume crime (such as vehicle crime, criminal damage and burglaries of properties other than a dwelling); a trend is emerging of asking victims in effect to carry out the investigation themselves. This was evident in some of the forces that were operating a threat, harm and risk policy in relation to attendance.  Victims are asked a series of questions to assess the risk of evidence being lost and to establish the likelihood of the crime being solved. These questions include whether there is any CCTV coverage of the area, any potential fingerprint evidence and whether the victim knows if there are any witnesses to the crime. If the victim does not know the answer to these questions, HMIC observed in some forces that they are asked to speak to neighbours, check for CCTV or view second-hand sales websites to see if their stolen property is being advertised for sale. Many of these crimes are recorded and filed on the very day of the initial report with no further apparent contact with the victim. HMIC finds this expectation by these forces that the victim should investigate his own crime both surprising and a matter of material concern. The police have been given powers and resources to investigate crime by the public, and there should be no expectation on the part of the police that an inversion of that responsibility is acceptable.

One commentator has summed up what can happen if you do investigate your own crime…. part of their comment says:


Unfortunately, you can have only so many cutbacks before the service provided by a certain department declines.  And our Police Forces are now showing what happens when they don’t have enough officers to do the job.

When you go through a recession crime escalates, I am not condoning theft but when people don’t have enough money to provide for their families, even the most honourable of people can contemplate turning to crime in order to feed their families.  Look at the state of our country today in the 21st century… families having to rely on food-banks.

I know of a bloody good solution, that will put more police on our streets, and give people who want to work and can’t work due to a disability or an illness a decent income; STOP FOREIGN AID to countries who can afford space programmes, wealthy countries who still receive foreign aid, or governments whose politicians pocket the aid for themselves, rather than give a better life to their people, Hardly surprising we are Pissed Off with Britain.  And ‘Dishface’ wonders why people are turning to Britain’s First and UKIP?  Common sense tells you why.


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