What have I gone and done?

It must have been total insanity…. that is all I can say. Whatever possessed me to do this?  Oh my God, do I need certifying for what I did?

You see, everywhere I go about my diabetes or rheumatism, all the doctors, nurses and consultants say, is swimming is the best exercise of all.

Deep down I would love to be able to swim… I did try once before but the instructor lost his patience because I wouldn’t come out of the baby pool, that he eventually told me, ‘Sit on the beach and get a tan and totally forget about swimming.’

But the truth of the matter is I am what you would call a ‘Two stroke, three bubbles and a funeral’ type of swimmer.  I have such a phobia about water, it is truly unbelievable how nervous I get even when on a boating lake that is probably about two feet deep.

Anyway to cut a long story short, we are off to America next year and for one simple moment I thought I would surprise my husband by learning to swim.  But as the lessons are on a weekend, I think he would start questioning me about where I was going, so I had to tell him.  That was it…

Straight away he was on the phone.  Yep you guessed it, booking me lessons.

Oh my god what have I done… next time I will keep quiet about taking the plunge… because right now I feel like a wobbling Chiver’s jelly at the prospect of going on these lessons.

Who knows perhaps, I will turn into a ‘Three strokes, four bubbles, and a funeral swimmer’. 😀

chivers jelly


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