Pet forever after…..

man1After the tragic loss of 60 stray dogs at Manchester Dogs Home the other day… nobody can be as appalled as I am at the age of the culprit. 15 years old… apparently.

And the little scrot needs to be brought to justice and pay the ultimate price for what he did. There are no excuses for his behaviour and there needs to be a harsh punishment for what he did… but that is up to the courts to decide his punishment…. not us as vigilantes.

As much as people are outraged at what happened, and believe me there can be no more person so outraged than I am, but  I believe in our justice system, for all its faults and want this person to face what he did.  Please for those who are posting pictures up of who this kid is… STOP.  If this boy is charged you will be in contempt of court.

If charged, he has a right to a fair trial… even though he denied those dogs their right to life… and the last thing I would want to see is some defence lawyer playing the ‘Unfair trial’ card and the case being dismissed, allowing this little scrot  to walk free.  In the eyes of the Law this boy is a juvenile and can not be named… even the media knows to name him will  result in them being liable for contempt of court proceedings to be taken against them, if he is charged.

Please people, I know the emotion is raw, but don’t allow those dogs to die for nothing…. don’t let your desire for vengeance halt the wheels of justice.

Today I read an article in the Guardian and this paragraph really did hit home what society we should all be living in.

Nothing can bring back the dogs who have died needlessly, but the generosity of the public will doubtless help to rebuild and reopen MDH. We may end up with facilities that are more modern, more appropriate, more humane than before, which is a silver lining. The truly compassionate step forward, however, would not be to create a home for abandoned dogs with all mod cons; it would be to create a society where a home for abandoned dogs is not needed at all.
The Guardian

Let us hope that one day….. that this society exists and dogs homes are never needed.  RIP you furry little friends,


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