Politicians… will you please

ballot-boxPiss off and leave me alone!!!  Now I don’t know about you… but there is nothing worse than getting bloody junk mail through your door along with your normal post.  There you are with a stack of mail… only to find one letter that requires your attention, and that is normally a bill of some sort.  The rest of it is rubbish.

But only recently, we have been plagued with political papers… FFS how many more of David ‘Dishface’ Cameron’s letters have I got to throw in the bin.  That man is persistently writing to us…. all because there is a by-election due in our area in November.  Think about the trees you are destroying Cameron.

mark recklessYou see Mark Reckless, who was a Tory MP, decided to abandon ship and get the life raft to UKIP.

Of course, his resignation has sparked a by-election in Rochester and Strood, and the Tories are now so bloody scared people will vote UKIP that they are bombarding us with literature, especially Cameron, about how wonderful their parties are.

Do we in Rochester and Strood, trust Cameron?  Of course, we don’t and all his bravado over this £1.7 billion due to be paid to Europe by December and how he won’t pay it … is just that bravado.  Nothing more and if people think he won’t pay it, then they are very much deluded.  You see if he refuses to pay what they want and when they want, then it will get us, as a country, fined by the EU and reflect on next year’s EU Rebate.  He might get a few quid knocked off of the bill, but it won’t be that much believe me.

And as for Ed Miliband well, that man has as much charisma as a lame duck.

You see Kent Online Reports.

The latest poll shows that Ukip is on 48%, eight points up on the previous poll and the Conservatives on 33%, up two points.

I don’t know whether I will bother to vote or not… but if I can be bothered to get my arse out of the chair and vote…. I am very tempted to vote for Mark Reckless.   He has in the past fought for Medway residents and helped improve the Medway towns.  Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t, as they say.

And yes I am fed up with being dictated to by Brussels.  We as a Country should determine who we allow through our borders.   We should say whether so and so can be deported or not…  We, as a country should be able to determine whether we eat a straight banana or a crooked one.  And as for German chancellor Angela Merkel supposedly threatening us, as reported in the Telegraph, that we should leave the EU rather than say who we allow into our country, well all I can say to that is…. So long, farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye.  e might be better on our own, then  part of an organisation that worries more about the size of a vacuum cleaner or whether our hair dryers are environmentally friendly.

Come to think of it we might be better on our own, then  part of an organisation that worries more about the size of a vacuum cleaners or whether our hair dryers are environmentally friendly.  Plus it might be good to watch… should UKIP get in and to watch Dishface go into a real meltdown 😀 😀 😀

But the one thing I do know…. I will never vote for Cameron or Miliband… that is a dead cert.

And as for Clegg…. forget it…. another one who has less charisma than a cold cooked turkey.


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