Rest in Peace Brittany Maynard


As many of you may have gathered, I am an advocate of being allowed to die when and how you wish. I am of the firm belief that you as a person should have the right to die with dignity and without too much suffering.  Yes, there are those who through religion might not agree with my thinking, but death like living is a personal thing and each and every one of us should have a say in how and when we die.

Today, brings the sad news that Brittany Maynard has died…  Brittany, in this video talks, about her diagnosis and how she felt and how she wanted to die.

Brittany, says she will die in her own bed which she shares with her husband with her family around her… and at a time of her choosing and she will die with music playing in the background as she drifts peacefully into the next world.

In order for her to be able to die in a pain-free manner and not how her particular type of cancer will kill her, she had to move from California to Oregan in order that she could receive the necessary medication, in order to take her life.

Brittany had to move States in order to fulfill her wish on how she will die… here in the UK we don’t have that choice.  If we want to end our lives due to terminal illness, we do so, knowing that our partners could be prosecuted if they help us.  Or we have to go to places like Switzerland, which costs thousands and die in a strange country in a strange bed.

Here in the UK, the debate goes on…. the select committees have consultations, the papers are read through and still we are no further advanced in allowing euthanasia to be legal for terminally ill people.

We allow people to die in pain and without dignity.  We would be prosecuted if we allowed an animal to suffer such a horrendous ending to their life.  Naturally we have to protect the vulnerable… but we must also protect those of us who want a peaceful and dignified death, should we be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Brittany Maynard chose her time of death and died peacefully at home surrounded by those who loved her dearly.

Please let us have this debate and pass laws in the UK that give terminally ill patients a right to choose when and how to die.

Rest in Peace Brittany ❤ ❤ ❤


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