Oh not in this house… we don’t do DIY SOS we do DIY TT.  The TT standing for Temper Tantrums. To cut a long story short when we moved in our home back in 2002, even though the kitchen was square, the previous owners had put units down two of the sides and then an island in the middle that went from the back wall to three quarters of the length of the kitchen.  Yes, we had loads and loads of cupboard space… but we didn’t have room in the kitchen once our Tibetan Mastiff decided to lay either by the cooker or by the sink.

And of course the other problem was…. the cooker was under the window and the sink was the other side of the room, and you had to navigate around the island to get to the sink with hot pans… not very safe…. believe me, especially if the dog decided to lay down in the kitchen, which he often did when you cooked.

So as we couldn’t afford to have a major kitchen refit… hubby decided to buy some units, fit them and remove the island.  Yes, we lost cupboard space and we still had to walk across the kitchen from the cooker to the sink to drain stuff… but it was a lot better than trying to have navigate around that island.

New kitchen… new floor and hey presto we thought that it was for a good few years.  But alas no!!!  Unfortunately, our Tibetan Mastiff died and we decided to get two Golden Retriever puppies… who loved dismantling the kitchen… bit by bit. Kickboards first, then the corner of a cupboard door and then the floor.  First of all the tiles were gradually being removed and finding their way to their bed and next the hardboard flooring that was laid for the tiles.

And if that wasn’t even… the pups then decided that architrave had a wonderful taste to it and plaster was like eating Ferrero  Rocha, tasty… so three door frames were attacked.

Honestly it was awful… I hated having anyone for dinner the past two years… because I was ashamed of the kitchen…. but we knew that doing the kitchen too soon would be just a waste of money.  So we have waited until the puppies got older and got out of their teething habits.

white country.png Determined that this Christmas, I would not serve up dinner from a half eaten kitchen… I nagged him to do the kitchen.  We could have replaced the doors that were half eaten easily as  I had white Country Pine (as pictured to the left) which you could still buy from B & Q, but due to arthritic hands… trying to clean those grooves was getting too painful, so we opted for new doors.

I wanted doors that didn’t have any mouldings to them… just plain and simple and easily wipeable. Nothing fancy…. as we don’t intend to spend our entire days at this house, as we both want to move closer to the sea and into a bungalow.  So we plummeted for White Gloss Slab.

We had debated as to whether to go for Cream Doors, but I didn’t think they would go with the existing worktops we had, so White Gloss Slab was the only one that caught our eye.

Doors decided upon, colour of paint decided upon, so next job… getting him motivated.  Yes, it was quite a big job as he had to remove the old architrave and replace it with a new one.

So two days booked as holiday from work and kitchen fitting he would go.  The old architrave came off easily… and the new one went on smoothly until it came to a piece that was over the cupboard door.   Could he bang a nail in it?  NO… he tried and tried and still the bloody bit wouldn’t nail to the piece of wood that was there…. so No More Nails it was to be… hoping that would hold it firm enough to drive a securing nail through it….. NO such luck.. By this time frustration was taking over and tempers were getting frayed.  In the end, there was this almighty loud hammering coming from the kitchen with swear words galore, that I couldn’t repeat on this blog… and he really threw his toys out of his pram and spat his dummy out.

Of course, the only thing he achieved was a busted work bench


My son and I sat in the lounge… and we couldn’t keep our faces straight… and then he appears through the door and says, ‘That’s made me feel better.’  The dogs by this time had decided that the safest place when this hammer-wielding maniac was on the loose was to stay in the garden and peer through the kitchen door and see what was happening.

Of course, his temper tantrum has solved one problem, I now know what to buy him for Christmas …. a new work bench, preferably hammer resistant, if they do one.

As he had to remove the architrave around the doors, we decided to have new skirting boards as well.  Well, they went on smoothly and his bits of plastering which the dogs had chewed off, again went without any hitches.  In fact, they blended in quite well, as we thought they might not match the walls and would look odd.  But surprise, surprise, things started to go smoothly.

And he has now replaced the doors, fitted the handles – after a trip to B & Q to buy bigger knob screws –  and aligned the doors.  New blinds have been fitted… and we are now on the home run.

Our new floor gets laid at the end of November and then all there is to do, is replace the kickboards, and put the doors on the understairs cupboard. He would have loved to have got that finished, but due to the thickness of the floor, that job will have to wait.  I would love to have my plinth lights back… but somehow I think that is putting too much temptation in front of these doggies.   They had eaten through two sets of the lights when pups… and as they love attacking things that sparkle, plinth lights are out of the window for now.

However, I do have to say, after the major temper tantrum and his hard work, the whole kitchen looks a whole lot better… and is sufficient enough should we sell the house in the future.  Mind you I can’t wait until the floor gets laid… and for the whole project to get finished.

And I wanted this done so that I didn’t have to serve dinner from a half eaten kitchen… and guess what?  I’m eating out on Christmas Day 😀 😀 😀 Oh well it needed to be done.


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