What have we created?

Silhouette of soldierTurning on the news today, just turns your stomach. The vast majority of us take satire for granted… Workers of a magazine, based in France, which attacks not just the Islamic faith, but the Catholic, Jewish and every faith going, including the Christian faith, today have become the victims of Jihadist terrorists.  Policemen, who are doing a job, are murdered in cold-blood.  And the cold stark reality of what terrorism is once again putting fear in all of us.

Yes mocking someone’s faith is not a nice thing, but the vast majority of us just ignore these magazines, we won’t allow the makers of these magazines to profit, by buying them or reading them… instead we show our disdain by leaving the copies on the shelf. Some of us see these magazines just for what they are… satire. But do these people who work for these magazines deserve to die?

Of course not… bloody terrorists have once again caused at least 12 families to mourn the death of their loved ones and many more families, colleagues and friends now having to live with the tragedy of what has happened and deal with the aftermath of this barbaric maiming and killing.

Should our freedom of speech be denied?  Of course not… terrorists have no right to kill or maim people in the name of Islam.  Even if they do find the mocking of their faith offensive.  Daily the Christian faith is mocked… daily the Pope is mocked and parody accounts on Twitter and Facebook are created.  But do we take to arms in order to voice our disgust? NO.

Today’s killings have struck a fear through newspapers up and down the land, from country to country… they stand in solidarity with the victims and journalists of the Charlie Hebdo Magazine who work in those offices, but they not showing the images that this magazine produces. And they are not showing them due to fear of reprisals.

But who are really to blame, for this distaste of Western life amongst extremists?  Is it the West’s Foreign Policy?  Is it the way that the West has armed and trained countries where terrorists are welcome with open arms? Is it the CIA for training others in weapons?  Is it because we have armed other nations so that they could do our dirty work?  Is it us for relying too much on oil?  Is it the way that policy-makers, over the decades, have used certain factions of another countries population to achieve their goals and then abandoned that population?

Have we caused so much animosity amongst Muslims, that some of them become radicalised so much that they are prepared to lay down their lives for what they believe is right?  Have we the West created the monster with our Policies and greed for oil?

And if it is just one of those things, what have we created?  Yes there is a war on terror, and you can keep cutting the head of the snake but the truth is, that for every snake you slay, two more will appear.  And yes, you can keep bombing and maiming civilians and class them as collateral damage, because you are really after the bad guys.  But in reality we are creating more people to hate what are policy makers are making our troops do.

We can’t give in to terrorism, but neither can we go on as we are…. something, somewhere has to give… and someone really does need to see how our Foreign Policy of not just now but from decades ago, is now harming us.  Extremism has to be eliminated but sometimes the bomb and the bullet will only exasperate the matter.  It will take a brave man or woman, a brave politician to tackle this head on… and I don’t think one has been born yet that is brave enough to say ‘We are partly to blame for what is happening in our world today and today is the day that we are going to put things right’… and in true Miss World fashion, work towards ‘ World Peace’.

As much as each of us wants peace on this earth, tyrants will remain and dictators will rule… the world is not a safe place any more and I personally don’t hold hope that there will be world peace in my life-time… but one day for future generations, I do hope that we can all live in harmony and be tolerant of each other and violence is a thing of the past.

But today my thoughts and prayers are sent to each and every person who today lost their life, and to all those  who have been injured in this barbaric attack on humanity.  Rest in Peace, you didn’t deserve this.


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  1. Mchan says:

    we’ll fight for freedom of speech and though I didn’t like this magazine and rarely bought it I intend to subscribe to it.


    1. Bren says:

      Think now it is a fight for humanity… it does worry me at times what kind of world we are handing down to our children.


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