Should he shouldn’t he?

Ched Evans

“I am grateful for the support of the PFA in helping me try to return to football and continue my career.

Upon legal advice, I was told not to discuss the events in question. This silence has been misinterpreted as arrogance and I would like to state that this could not be further from the truth.

I do remain limited at present by what I can say due to the ongoing referral to the Criminal Cases Review Commission and whilst I continue to maintain my innocence, I wish to make it clear that I wholeheartedly apologise for the effects that night in Rhyl has had on many people, not least the woman concerned.

Finally, it has been claimed that those using social media in an abusive and vindictive way towards this woman are supporters of mine. I wish to make it clear that these people are not my supporters and I condemn their actions entirely and will continue to do so.”

via PFA Statement: Ched Evans – News – The PFA.

Should he be given a second chance? Or should he be sent to exile for forever and a day and never grace a football field again?

Sitting on the fence on this one as I can see both sides of this one… firstly and foremost yes he is a convicted rapist and yes and is on the sex offender’s register but according to an article on the BBC News Website, legally speaking he can return to football.. providing a club is brave enough to hire him.

The legal position in England and Wales regarding Evans’s return to professional football is clear.

He is prevented from doing particular jobs known as “regulated activity” and typically jobs such as teaching, social work or health care that would involve working with children or vulnerable adults.

Other employment opportunities, such as professional football, are available to him – as long as he can find someone to hire him.

But morally should he return to football.. especially if he progresses in his career once again starts playing for a Premier division club?  Yes he could become a role model and no I wouldn’t fancy my child having a poster of Ched Evans on their wall, but neither would I be impressed if they had a poster of Luke McCormick who has been convicted of two counts of death by reckless driving, or Lee Hughes who was convicted of death by dangerous driving.

Society says we must give people a second chance… the law says we are not allowed to harass a person who has been convicted and all prisoners must be given the chance to rehabilitate back into society. I am not trying to defend Ched Evans but the statement he made today SHOULD have been made the day he was released from prison.

Whoever gave him the PR advice and legal advice of not apologising for what happened in Rhyl that night has caused more distress not just to the victim but to Ched Evans himself. Many people have taken his silence, by not apologising, as a sign of him not showing any remorse.

And all those that are abusing both the victim and Ched Evans really do need to realise that mob rule is not how our society works and the likes of ‘Dishface’ Cameron should keep his nose out and not voice his opinion.

So should Ched Evans be given a second chance to build his career or not?


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  1. A believer in the law of the land says:

    I well remember that a very famous actor, one loved for his “dirty” role on TV was actually a convicted murderer. Somehow that didn’t stop the women loving him. His role of Dirty Den made him a pin up for tens of thousands of women. He was given a second chance in life.

    I think everyone should be given a second chance. They may use it well, They may not.

    Those now threatening abuse and hounding those involved on both sides of the case are nothing but scum. The law of the land has dealt with Evans. He has been punished. He should have a second chance. Its up to him how he uses that not the morons who enjoy online hate campaigns.


    1. Bren says:

      Thank you for such a logical comment… and yes the actor Leslie Grantham was convicted of a heinous crime… but I still liked him as an actor. Looking at the Ched Evans fiasco, another footballer Marlon King has been convicted of a sexual assault and placed on the Sex Offenders Register. After spending time in jail for the said offence he went on to play football for other clubs until his arrest and jail sentence with regards to another crime he has committed. I can’t remember all these shenanigans going on when he returned to football.


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