Food Fads – My fear of green bits

Iwanted to do a blog post today… but for the life of me I couldn’t think of anything to say. For those that know me, they will be standing there saying, ‘Bloody Hell… this is a first.’ 😀 😀

But I wasn’t without inspiration for too long.  Have no fear of that my friends.

PiccalilliThen it came to me as I was making my sarnie… food fads. And as I stared at this brand new, unopened jar of Piccalilli sitting in the fridge, I thought, ‘it won’t be long before it is full of just the green bits’.

Now I know that the green bits are the skin of gherkins and I must be eating the gherkin because I don’t pick out the square bits, but it is just the green bits I can’t abide.  It can’t be the taste, so it must be the look that gives me this food food.

And the other other moans like hell because when he does fancy a sandwich with Piccalilli in it… all that is left in the jar is ‘green bits’.

When I start a new jar it is easy, for me, but by the time I get a third of a way down the jar, the ‘green bits’ seem to multiply… and it seems to take me like forever and a day to get the juice and not the ‘green bits’.

Why I have this fixation of never eating a ‘green bit’ I don’t know. But if someone makes me a sandwich and offers me Piccalilli then either I have to decline or ask politely if they would not put any ‘green bits’ in my sandwich.

The thought me having to eat them or fear that I have eaten a ‘green bit’ makes me retch….

And another thing… I don’t like roast dinners unless they are covered in mint sauce and Lasagne has to be covered in vinegar… what weird food fads I have.

Do you have any food fads?  Do they annoy your partners like my Piccalilli fad annoys my other half? 😀 😀


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