Time for change…

As they say, change is as good as a rest… but I didn’t realise it was so flaming time-consuming.  What with the new year and WordPress offering us new themes on a regular basis, I thought it was time that I had a change of theme for this blog.

sela-frontpageThat is the first thing… it takes ages deciding what theme you like, because there are so many good themes to choose from… By after previewing themes for a few hours, I decided to plump for the Sela Theme, which is a one of their latest theme releases. And boy am I glad they released this theme.  From the demo of Sela you can see what a versatile theme it is.

Anwyway, after a hiccup of my custom design upgrade not working when I transferred it from another blog to this one.. things went well from then on… Of course I have to thank the very helpful Rachel (a WordPress Happiness Engineer) for sorting me out so swiftly and getting my customizer working as it should.

A change of colours, and a few CSS edits as I don’t like the featured images appearing on single blog posts… and by using one of the background pictures as the basis for my header… (which I added text to with Photoshop).. things were slowly becoming together.

I have never been one to use the Front Page feature of theme before… but as Sela is such a versatile theme … hey why not give it a go!!!

I hope you like the new layout of On My Front Porch…. and yes a change is as good as a rest.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. how do you put the social media icons after the paragraph?


    1. Bren says:

      To use the social Icons, go into your wordpress admin panel and then down to settings and click on sharing. Then scroll down the page to sharing buttons and select Icons, in button style. To use Tumblr, Pinterest, Stumbleupon or whatever other ones you want to use, just drag them down to enabled services.


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