Tory Plan To Make Public Strikes More Difficult

david_cameron_452622tThe Conservatives have promised to legislate to make striking more difficult in some core public services if they win this year’s general election.

Under the manifesto commitment, industrial action in areas such as health, transport, the fire services and schools would require at least 40% support of those eligible to vote – as well as a majority of those who have actually voted.

via Tory Plan To Make Public Strikes More Difficult.

So Dishface and his government wants to make it more difficult for public sector workers to strike? Well fair enough some might say… after all we can’t have our doctors, nurses, firemen, tube-workers, teachers etc striking because they are so appalled at the cut-backs and the way they are being treated.  We can’t have them strike because the Government decides to renege on it’s election promises of pay increases, can we?

We can’t have nurses feel that they can’t afford to work any longer in the National Health Service and decide to work abroad or in private hospitals strike can we?  We can’t put people in a position where all their concerns are not being being listened to and they feel that the only alternative left to them is to go on strike, can we?

And we can’t have our Police go on strike because of added pressure placed upon them due to cut-backs, can we?  Or them being forced to work for nothing because that force can’t meet that year’s budget?

How dare they strike?  How dare they demand that the terms they were promised be honoured?  How dare they strike because government has decided to take away their final salary pensions and replaced it with a pittance of a pension.

So the Government to deter these people have said that unless public sector workers get a majority turnout to vote of 40% and no less, then the vote will only be valid if they reach this magic figure and that 40%+ voters AND have over 50% of those that did vote, electing for strike action.

It seems fair really doesn’t it? Or does it?

Take a look at, say the European Elections, and the the percentage turnout of voters in those elections in this report.

European turnouts -european elections

Oh look, the percentage of electorate to turnout for the European Elections in all those years for UK population has NEVER been above 40%.

And if you think that is bad take a look at this report for Local Elections just back in 2012… well there are not many counties that got above the magic 40% is there.

elections turnout 2012

elections turnout 2012 (1)Well, well, looks like Liverpool Central only had 12.6% of its constituents turnout for the 2012 local elections.

So if you used the same criteria, of what Government wants unions to abide by for strike action, to local elections and the European Elections, well none of those votes would have made the criteria so those that were duly elected from constituencies with under 40% turnout would not be allowed to take their seats.

After all as the Conservatives keep telling us ‘We’re all in this together’, how about making voting a level playing field… and saying only constituencies that have a majority of 40% public turnout will have newly elected councillors or European MP’s.  Oh bugger we wouldn’t have anybody representing us in Europe 😀 😀 Oh well, we might as well leave then.. 😀 😀


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