Katie Price, David Cameron and Disability…


Katie HopkinsNow rentagob, Katie Hopkins, has apparently rocked the boat again in Big Brother, by her comments over Katie Price being worth £45 million and claiming disability allowance for her son Harvey.

The argument for Katie Price claiming is that she pays her taxes and is entitled to… and the counter argument is that Government should step in and means test this benefit… but how can they when our Prime Minister openly admitted to filling in the forms himself.

Tough one isn’t it?  Where do you draw the line about disability benefits? Should they be means tested?  Should all welfare benefits be means tested?

We know that Child Benefit is now means tested.

Take two families, with three children each, living next door to each other… both paying the same mortgage rate and council tax rate, with one family having the main earner with an income of £60,000 and the other partner with an income of £40,000 well according to Money Advice Service Website, you would not qualify for child benefit.

However if the family next door, had both earners earning £50,000, they would qualify for child benefit.

It doesn’t seem fair does it, one family getting benefit and the other not when they are both earning the same between them?  It is the most unjust means testing known to mankind.  The government, should they want to cap child benefit should do it on a joint income… not on an individual income.

So should benefits be means tested and earners over a certain amount unable to claim?  Should Katie Price be allowed to claim disability benefits for Harvey?  Can we really afford as a nation to allow multi-millionaires to claim benefits?

I don’t know the answer to this, but logic tells me that we don’t have an open pot of money and the country doesn’t have a money tree growing in the back of number 11 Downing Street… so perhaps people who earn a whole lot more than the everyday man should be prepared to pay their way, who knows?

But one thing I do know, if any of us was moaning and whining about David Cameron claiming disability allowances for his now deceased son Ivan, are we not being hypocrites if we don’t complain about Katie Price getting benefits?  Surely one can’t see it morally wrong for a Prime Minister to claim benefits, and yet see it morally right for a celebrity to claim, can they?


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