I felt the earth move….

Now talk about a strange feeling… something I have never encountered in my life, and by god did it feel strange. No matter where I was… even on a bridge I felt the same sensation.

Well it started in San Francisco, as I stood still on any pavement and even when I walked at a slow pace, I could feel the earth move under my feet… it felt like a rumbling sensation… just like you get, so I am told, if you happen to stand above a tube track that is close to the surface when a tube comes roaring through the tunnels.

I have never felt this sensation at all in my life.. not even in London where tubes are roaring up and down those lines at a constant pace.

Then when I went to Las Vegas I felt it even stronger in certain parts of the strip… than others but nowhere near as strong as I felt it in San Francisco.. In San Francisco it was a more intense sort of sensation of something rumbling under my feet.  Honestly I told the old man about it, whilst we were in Las Vegas and I was called weird…. but by luck one of our coach party heard me and said they had the same feeling…


She also told me that someone had told her, it could be caused through a minor ear infection…. so I took it that this was happening due to the flight over to America… and thought no more of it.  Even though it didn’t feel as if I had an ear infection.

Throughout our stay, no matter where we went, I could feel this sensation at times.

But here is the strange thing… if it was a minor ear infection and I felt this sensation at the airport as we were leaving San Francisco, then why didn’t I feel it all once we landed?  Surely a minor ear infection wouldn’t clear up in a 10 hour flight, would it?  But since arriving back in the UK I haven’t felt it once.

And here are the coincidences..  We left San Francisco early Sunday morning of the 3rd May 2015 and they had an earthquake that afternoon and just over two weeks after we left Las Vegas they felt the effects of an earthquake in Nevada.

Talk about weird sensations…  Now isn’t there a song about the earth moving under your feet? 😀 😀


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