Memories are important

Picture: ITV
Picture: ITV

Icouldn’t agree more on that statement… but £2000 for a child’s party.. please get real.  No child needs a birthday party that costs that amount… and to be perfectly honest, all you are doing my love is creating the next spoilt brat.

What will she want next year?  A party that costs £3000… where does this stop?

You can see the makings of spoilt children especially when a mother has this to say this when questioned whether it puts unfair burden on other parents at parties that Princess may attend… ‘Her name’s Princess – so other parents will expect her to be extravagant.’ 

So if my mother had christened me Asshole, does that mean other parents should expect me to be an asshole and they should deal with it?  FFS get real. All this woman is doing is turning two innocent children into spoilt brats. Kids that other parents want their children to avoid, kids that nobody will tolerate because of their ways.

Sophie May Dixon, isn’t new to controversy is she?  Remember this is the mum that spray tans her kids at three years old.

90% of readers who bothered to vote, voted that she was spoiling her child with this two grand party… and not treating them.. Yes I am one of those who voted that the children were being spoilt.

metro poll

Sophie said on ITV,  ‘Memories are what’s important. She had a pony party but it’s only once in a year that you have to give them something little. They haven’t asked for it. There’s a big difference between a spoilt child and a treated child.’ 

Her name’s Princess – so other parents will expect her to be extravagant.’

But what she is failing to see is that giving the top brick of the chimney to her children, and probably raking up the debt, does not give them the moral compass they need in life.  As they grow older, because they were spoilt as children, they will expect it all through their adulthood.

Giving children a party for their birthday has been something that has been done for decades… I can remember having birthday parties… jelly and Ice Cream, pass the parcel and musical chairs…  I never grew up feeling deprived.  I never grew up being spoilt.  And do you know what… those parties used to be great fun. And I grew up feeling loved and wanted by my parents.

I know Princess never asked for this party and she is not to blame.  But what could happen is she could ask for something that will set her family back thousands….

Nowadays there seems to be too much of giving your kid everything they ask for. Children need to learn the word ‘No’ at times, and understand ‘No’ means ‘No’. There is nothing worse than seeing a spoilt brat of kid, screaming, sulking because they have been told ‘no’.  Especially when it is a child that is of the age that should know better.

But in this story do you know who I feel sorry for?…. The poor parents who struggle day to day and then will have to disappoint their children because they want a party like so and so… a party like what Princess had… and they can’t give it to them because they just don’t have the money.

They say the old ways are the best ways… and I have just come to the grave conclusion that I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.  They are the best ways.


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