So tonight then..

If I decide to down a few bottles of booze, smoke skunk cannabis and get high on cocaine and continue on this lifestyle for a few months then decide to chop the heads off of my dogs and the old man… I will be classed as insane and not a murderer?  Because that is what has happened today Nicholas Salvador has been found NOT GUILTY of murder due to insanity.

Psychiatrists for the prosecution and defence told the jurors at the Old Bailey that Salvador had paranoid schizophrenia.  So if I too decided to do the same carnage after months of self-inflicted drug and alcohol abuse, I too should be classed as insane and suffer from paranoid schizophrenia.

One of the possible causes of schizophrenia can be Drug Abuse… The NHS Website states:

Drug abuse

Drugs do not directly cause schizophrenia, but studies have shown drug misuse increases the risk of developing schizophrenia or a similar illness.

Certain drugs, particularly cannabis, cocaine, LSD or amphetamines, may trigger symptoms of schizophrenia in people who are susceptible. Using amphetamines or cocaine can lead to psychosis and can cause a relapse in people recovering from an earlier episode.

Three major studies have shown teenagers under 15 who use cannabis regularly, especially “skunk” and other more potent forms of the drug, are up to four times more likely to develop schizophrenia by the age of 26.

Yes Salvador may be in Broadmoor hospital at the moment but in a few years maybe months when he can’t get the drugs, the skunk and the booze he will be well on the road to what experts call, recovery.   He won’t be insane, he will have proven that he is now well and no longer a danger to society.  Even though the Judge said he would be there for many years in Broadmoor, the reality is he might not be.  Then a few bloody bureaucrats sitting there will see a sane man, remorseful for what he did and decide it is time to integrate him back into society. ‘Here you go mate, take the meds, stay off of the drugs and booze and you will be OK’.  Is that the logical way of thinking about this case?

Most definitely not.

“Mental disorders are neither necessary, nor sufficient causes of violence”Source

No matter how you look at it… there is a high probability that his cause of schizophrenia was caused by his lifestyle and if that is the case then he should be held accountable for his actions and should never be put into the path of temptation again.  And that is what being free will give him.. the easy access to booze and drugs.  It was his decision to smoke ‘Skunk’, it was his decision to take cannabis and it was his decision to ply himself with booze.

Once a drug addict always a drug addict… you might become clean and not touch drugs but the urge when times get rough to head straight to the nearest drug dealer are at times uncontrollable and before  some drug users know it they are back on the drugs.  Back down that slippery road where they will do whatever they have to in order to get their next fix.

The same goes for alcoholics, once an alcoholic always an alcoholic.  One drink will lead to another and before you know it you are off of the wagon… and back to being a full-blown alcoholic.

Nobody is denying that Salvador needs treatment… and he should be sent to a psychiatric hospital like Broadmoor, but he should also have to face the consequences of his actions.

So in a few years, should Salvador ever be released and once integrate back into society and things don’t go as planned or he decides to hit the bottle, smoke skunk and do a bit of cocaine, who could his next victim be… me, you, your mother, your partner, your child?  Who?

Haven’t we learnt from the tragic death of Jonathon Zito. His killer, Clunis was a paranoid schizophrenic with a violent background, who ended up murdering in cold blood Jon Zito.

The inquiry found:

…..that hospitals and social services failed to contact his family or GP, repeatedly treated admissions as separate incidents, failed to check his false claims that he abused drugs, and discharged him from hospital when he was not ready because of pressure on beds, or to save money.

The report catalogues ‘a whole series of violent attacks’ by Clunis over four years, often involving knives or cutlery. Just eight days before he killed Mr Zito, he attacked and injured a man with a screwdriver in north London and later the same day terrified a group of adults and children by chasing them round a street brandishing a screwdriver.

Salvador, should never be set free…. but he will be, eventually.  The true victims of this horrendous crimes have been forgotten.  Our justice system stinks… and I honestly think if I was sitting on that jury I could not have found this man not guilty due to insanity.  He was bloody sane when he bought the drugs, the skunk and booze which are probably the causes of his schizophrenia.  Rest in Peace Mrs Palmira Silva.. you didn’t get the justice you deserved today.  My thoughts are with your family and friends at this sad time.

The Real Victim
The Real Victim

And before all the do-gooders start shouting about how I don’t understand mental illness, let me tell you, there are many people who struggle on a daily basis with being schizophrenic but they don’t go around harming other people.

Today’s verdict was a cop-out… and just remember, he might admit causing her death, but you can never call him a murderer or killer, because technically in the eyes of the law to do so, could be classed as libelling this gentleman… simply because he hasn’t been convicted.  Ironic isn’t it… who is the law protecting in this case… it definitely isn’t the innocent victim is it?


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