When ‘Taking Out’ is the only real option

Watching the news yesterday afternoon reporting on the case being heard at the Old Bailey about the grandmother Palmira Silva who was tragically beheaded by Nicholas Salvador, I can’t help but wonder why this guy wasn’t just shot dead by Police.

Earlier he had been seen attacking a woman in her car and he was armed with a machete and a pole and the Police were running from house to house dragging children to safety and telling people to run for their lives.

The Daily Mail says

Armed police officers raced to the scene in Nightingale Road, Edmonton, and ran through the street shouting at people to run for their lives.

Children screamed as police used battering rams and metal batons to smash windows and doors before dragging them to safety.

Sky News Report, that in a video the jury was shown you could hear on Police Officer shout..

“He’s agitated and lethal … he needs taking out.”

It wasn’t long before he was seen by a Police Helicopter holding the severed head of Mrs Silva up towards them… surely on that helicopter should have been a police marksman who could have taken him out there and then.

The honest is truth is the Police are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Someone would have shouted Police brutality if this maniac had been killed there and then.

Forever and a day, Mrs Silva’s family will have to live with the knowledge of how someone they loved died.  How they died at the hands of this crazed man. Children will forever remember those frantic moments where they were in fear.

If this was a dog running the streets attacking people, there would be no hesitation in shooting the dog… I am sorry to say, but in my opinion this person was no better than a crazed dog at the time.

I am of the firm belief if you are armed and running amok then you should face the consequence of losing your life.  Going armed and equipped with weapons to me gives a clear indication that could do something dreadful or you are breaking the law.

In this country we do not have an arms policy.  We are NOT entitled to bear arms… we are NOT allowed to walk around the streets armed.  We know that is the law so should you ever decide to be armed then I honestly believe that you should be taken out… should you pose a threat to the public or the police.

It isn’t about being black or white, or whether you are Christian or Muslim or whether you are an immigrant… it is about abiding by the laws of our land. The police have a terrible job at times… their prime directive is to protect the public.. yet if they do protect the public by killing people who pose a threat… then they are hauled before inquiry upon inquiry having to defend why they took the action they did.  Or they are put in front of a jury charged with a crime of unlawful killing.

Of course we don’t want a Police Force that is trigger happy and there has to be safeguards.. but in a clear case where someone is on the rampage like Salvador was then they only way to minimise risk to the public is, as the Police officer said, ‘Take them out’.

Mrs Silva did NOT deserve to die…. perhaps if the Police had taken this guy out at the very beginning when he was running amok then perhaps we might have seen a different outcome.. Perhaps two children and six grandchildren might not be mourning the loss of a loved one.

It is all well and good the government forcing health trust to have cut back after cut back enforced upon them… but services like mental health are the first ones to suffer the cutbacks… And it isn’t long before the system is broken due to lack of funds.

There are not enough places for the mentally ill people to be… and the only solution is for health trusts to allow mentally ill people, people who should in their opinion be somewhere secure, free to on our streets.

Back in April 2015 the Daily Mirror reported that they had received a letter from 100  mental health workers and in that letter it notes

….that in the last five years mental health budgets have been cut by 8.25% in real terms and mental health nursing numbers cut by 6% – despite pledges by ministers for it have “parity of esteem” with physical health.

The letter also states

Cuts to the police force and local authority social care departments have further weakened the safety net that should be available to the public that we serve.

Cutbacks don’t hurt ‘Dishface’ Cameron, they don’t hurt the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt, cutbacks hurt the people like Palmira Silva, the children of Edmonton.. it affects these people


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