Sorry Foxy…

jjBut fighting ISIS is not like taking on the Nazis… I give you war is war… but war is not like the films make it out to be… all guts and glory.  In war innocent people die… and in order to fight a war you have to have men to do it… We already have a depleted Army, Navy and Air Force… what then, should these men die on the front line… call-ups… young boys sent to the front line to fight a war that will only cause more hatred to the West.

You say in your column yesterday the following:

But to go to war against IS, Boko Haram, Al Shebaab and Al Qaeda would give them exactly what they want – a crusade that would recruit more to their cause, and form the caliphate they crave.

You then go on to say, we can’t ignore it and we can’t build a wall… but what is the alternative?  Because you say

The simple truth is that doing nothing is not much of an option. We will have to fight them one day, and the sooner we start the sooner it’s done.

So how do we fight them… we can only fight them through education… teaching young Muslims that taking up arms is not the way to solve your problems…

You can’t even liken fighting the Nazis to fighting ISIS, simply because we were fighting a nation back in those wars.  We were fighting the Germans… we weren’t fighting a religion that had been taken to radicalised extremest extent.

When we fought the war in World War II we were fighting the German people and Hitler… In 1939 German nationals living in Britain were given classes and some were segregated into interment camps…  Those that were categorised as class A were put in internment camps and not allowed out… class B internees were also put in camps but had restrictions against them but they could leave the camps… class C German nationals were free to go and not deemed a risk.

In 1940 the authorities rounded up all Class B German nationals and placed them into internment camps and took away their rights to freedom.

The Daily Mail orchestrated a campaign for people to sack German nationals… German people, people who didn’t agree with Hitler, lost their jobs and their freedoms, in the end many were exported to Canada and Australia.  The same happened to Italian internees when they sided with Hitler.

The poll at the end of your article reads as of today the 80% of people think we should go to war with ISIS.


Only in the news recently, we have had teenage girls runaway to Syria to marry ISIS fighters, we have seen married men crying because their wives have gone to Syria to join ISIS and taken these men’s children with them.

How many more will turn to ISIS should we decide to go to war?  How many people will try to get to Syria because they are seeing innocent Muslim women and children being killed?  How many will turn to a extremist radicalised view and make their way to Syria to fight with ISIS?

And the most frightening part is not from those that go to Syria or Iraq to fight with ISIS but those that stay behind and bring carnage to our streets.  We have seen a soldier slaughtered on our streets, should be go to war how long will it be before Sylvia is slaughtered on our streets?

Or do we do what the British Government did back in 1939, intern all Muslim people, because we don’t know which ones now will become radicalised do we? So will we have to intern them all, just to be on the safe side?

Back in the second world war, some local authorities took away council houses that were rented to German nationals… is that what we do should we go to war with ISIS?  Take away council houses from Muslim people?  What about those that have businesses and own their own home?  Do we intern these people and sell off their assets to pay for a war?

Going to war is not an option… and those 80% of people who think going to war is … really do need to think outside the box and how our lifestyle will change drastically.  What about the British Muslim that wants to fight with us and fight against ISIS, do we say ‘No’ just in case?  What about the Muslims already in our forces?  Do we intern them and remove them from our forces?

Because this war isn’t about nation against nation… is it is about an extremist group who have taken the Islamic faith and turned it into a barbaric way of life. And people who don’t abide by that way of life will die.  This war is about religion and how one religion should rule the earth. This time we are fighting a religion albeit one that has been taken totally out of context by nutters.

ISIS are tapping into the mindset of young people and ISIS know damn well that if we go to war with them… they can cause more damage here by getting the message to young Muslims who feel they don’t have a chance, that they are not needed to fight in Syria but they are needed to cause carnage in Britain. And Sylvia from Bracknell will lose her head.

This war will only be won by education… teaching young Muslims that there is an alternative to ISIS and I think this comment from one of your commentators on your Facebook page… sums it up perfectly:

I’m not very well informed on these matters, but what i think we are witnessing is not IS at war with the west but with Islam itself. Could this be the beginning of a reformation of this relatively young religion ? Islam needs to die and be reborn so it can survive in the modern age. Those that can facilitate this is the young forward thinking “moderate” muslims who can lead and educate the rest. Boots on the ground, guns, bombs etc are just a symptom of cataclysmic change. It’s now those seeds need to be planted if we are going to see the results in many generations time.

We can’t deal with ISIS overnight… it is going to take ‘moderate’ Muslims to get this message across and to teach other people that backing ISIS is turning their religion into something it is not…

Young moderate Muslims and proper border control, security services – even if it means giving up a little bit of our own privacy – is the only way to fight ISIS.

This time around troops, bullets and bombs won’t work.

And we need to face up to the fact that we created this bloody mess in the first place.  When we invaded Iraq.  Let’s be honest since we took out Saddam, the whole region has destabilised.  Yes he was brutal to his people, yes he was barbaric and no better than ISIS, but we took him and his government out and left the power vacuum there for every nutter to fight for.


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