Holiday of a lifetime – Part 3

San Francisco (Free Day)

Today was our one and only free day in San Francisco… which is a shame really because I would have loved to have met up with some photographers who I have got to respect online, people like Laura Macky and Dan Shehan.  But unfortunately this time it wasn’t to be.

That is the thing when you read in the brochures about the holiday, you think you have more time in places than you really have.  We could have easily spent another couple of days in San Francisco, because even though we packed a lot in during our one free day, there was still more we could have done.

The two places that I wanted to visit again, was the Palace of Fine Arts and to stop this time at the Conservatory of Flowers and go in and have a look.  The other half wanted to visit the Haight District again and go down to Fisherman’s wharf.

But the one thing I wanted to do above all was to ride on a cable car… and by luck the California Street terminus was just around the corner from our hotel… so that morning after another wonderful breakfast at the New Village Cafe.. we headed to the cable car stop, after purchasing a $17 dollar daily pass to ride on all the public transport we could fit in. 😀 😀

That bus pass proved invaluable, because it is $6 dollars each to ride on the cable cars and we did two of them and $2.55 to get on a bus no matter where you went.

Now that was another adventure trying to find the bus stops… but we managed and finally we sussed out that the bus stops were at the corner of blocks and not in the middle like we are used to.  And one of the people on the trip told us, when we had left, that he had worked out that the bus stops had a red marking on the kerb stone.

So first stop cable car, then bus to Palace of Fine Arts (which is my favourite place I have to say), then back on the bus down to the Conservatory of Flowers, a walk through Golden Gate Park and the Pan Handle, a stroll around the Haight district and then back to Fisherman’s wharf for dinner.

San Francisco is a lovely city… my only regret is that we never saw the Golden Gate Bridge without the fog and mist surrounding it….  And it was taking me some time to get used to going into bars and tabs being set up straight away.

I bet those waitresses at times thought here we have another thick Brit… because I was there with my dollars, which I didn’t have a clue about, ready to pay as soon as I had ordered.

As we strolled around Pier 41 and Pier 39, I think it was on Pier 39 that there was some seals basking on wooden boards floating in the sea… crowds were amassing and watching the side show of one seal refusing to allow any seal on his half of the wooden board.  Every time this particular seal tried to slide on the board he would whoosh him with his flipper and that was it he had knocked him for six back into the sea.

We had to laugh though, because whilst he was preoccupied with this one seal trying to muscle in on his board, another had  sneaked in behind him… mind you when he realised what had happened was their a set to… the crowds were roaring with laughter.    To be honest I think he was playing to the crowds because when the noise from the crowds lessened he got up to some more antics…. what an attention seeker he was. 😀 😀 😀

That evening we decided to get a light snack locally and knew that we had a very early start the very next morning…. our cases had to be outside our rooms by 5.15 am and we were on the coach at six heading for Oakland station to get the train to Merced.

Already I was missing San Francisco….. and one day I hope to return but this time I will spent far more time there… and hopefully catch up with Laura and Dan xx


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