How long…

Today this world has suffered 3 terrorists attacks, one in France, one in Kuwait and now 27 people, including holiday makers from 6 different nationalists, killed whilst being on holiday in Tunisia.

Or as being reported in France, for just  being  the boss of the terrorist.

But do you know what is the most scariest thing going?

How long before non-Muslims, start looking at the local Muslim lad serving them in their local shop and start to question whether one day he will become a terrorist and start to distrust them?

How long before we start looking at the Muslim travelling on the train and sitting by us, and start to wonder if he is carrying a bomb in his backpack?

How long before we start to look differently at our Muslim neighbours?

How long before we start to alienate Muslims and refuse to be friends with them?

How long before the majority of people start to tarnish all Muslims with the same brush?

And the most scariest part is how long is it before that alienated Muslim, who we have turned against and shown distrust to, turns to the likes of ISIS?

The solution to this problem lies within the Muslim community… through education, understanding and encouraging that young Muslim to teach others that Islam is a gentle faith and for every Muslim to encourage unite his fellow Muslims and to publicly condemn ISIS and their barbaric ways. And for that young Muslim by teaching other young Muslims that look up to him… that ISIS and its kind is nothing but a disease.

A disease that needs to be eradicated.

We have to encourage and praise the young Muslim that stands up to the radical preacher on the street.  We have to encourage that young Muslim when he stops radicalisation from being carried out in his name and when he stops another person from running off to ISIS.

Guns, bombs and boots on the ground won’t do it… education will… but not education conducted by Governments, but education conducted by the young Muslim men that ISIS so wants to recruit.  We have to help the disgruntled Muslim to understand that slaughtering people is not the way to improve things… and that is not how democracy works.

And it has to be done, not tomorrow or next year, it has to be done today… before there is a big divide between non-Muslims and Muslims, Before there is them and us.  And above all, it has to be done  for humanity’s sake.

My thoughts and prayers today are with all those who have lost someone dear to them and to those that have loved ones injured, in these cold blooded killings today.


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