Sometimes you just want to scream…


I know I shouldn’t complain … and boy is there a but in there!!… but sometimes I just want to scream out loud and at timesI feel like smashing the world to pulp due to the sheer and absolute frustration at how the elderly are treated by social services.

Being constantly in pain with PMR and Arthritis is taking its toll on me, and even writing this post seems to be taking forever and a day, due to pain and limited movements in hands and fingers. And when life throws in an elderly mother, who is housebound and can’t remember what time it is yet alone which day it is,  and there is only me for them  to turn to, it just adds extra pressure to life… something I really could do without at times.

And as for getting support from our local council… well I might as well wait for hell to freeze over before they even bother to return my calls.  So getting support for myself and help for my mother is one battle that I know I can’t win.

Social services are so stretched now.. that these Care people don’t care what state of health you are in or for the person who is supposed to be having the care… if you live near your elderly parents… tough shit you can do it.. They won’t provide the care they are supposed to.  If you live near that is it… you can do it… there is no leeway or consideration for another person’s health or whether they are physically capable of being a carer.

Daily tasks for myself alone are getting harder with each passing day and at times I just don’t know which way to turn. There are many a day that I can’t get through the day myself without being doped up on painkillers. And if I don’t take the painkillers then the pain doesn’t subside it just intensifies, until I am forced to resort to the painkillers just to get through the day.

My husband is a rock to me… but he works long hours and helps me as much as he physically can when he gets home from work… and I won’t laden him down with more things to do… it just isn’t fair on him….

He married me not my mother… so why do these council officials from elderly care presume that he is on beck and call?  Why do these council officials ignore someone’s state of health and why don’t they realise that some people due to their own ill-health are incapable of doing the physical job of being a person’s carer?

We are now three month in to 2016 and I am still waiting for the phone call I was promised back in October 2015 for the Care Manager to come out to me to see how the council can support me.  Fat chance of that call arriving soon is there?

And it seems as if things could get a whole lot worse … especially if more austerity measures have to come into force when the Chancellor delivers his budget next week.  Services will be cut again… more families will be pushed to the brink of despair and more elderly people will suffer in the process.

Medway Council you are shit… every week you strip my mother’s pension for a contribution towards her care… and when we need that extra support or for the carer’s calls to be increased… a hard of hearing, visually impaired, 90 year old is denied proper care…. all because I live close to my mum.  I could be living next door to my mother and just because there would be only a brick wall between us, it doesn’t mean my health would improve… I would still be arthritic and in pain and unable to give my mother the proper care she needs.

I feel sorry for any person who is an only child… and there is no support for them… I know it is not my mother’s fault for getting old… but when I see other people get all the bloody help and they are nowhere near as frail as my mother, I just want to bloody scream and how unfair things are at times.

Rant over..


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