5 months and 2 days to go

Yes that is the time I have left… before you panic  or celebrate (depending on whether you like me or not) no I am NOT dying and neither am I pregnant.  So now we’ve got that out of the way… I will calmly sit here, post on my blog and count down those days.

Yes the days before I am in the position to remind him indoors … the fecking towel rail in the bathroom upstairs is hanging off of the wall.

With four days Easter break… I did ask if he could fix it… all it needs is a new rawplug and maybe a bit of filler… nothing major… there is no construction work to be carried out… he doesn’t have to even decorate the bathroom…. just MEND the towel rail.

Ladies if we ask too many times we are accused of nagging… so I have decided that I will wait until the 6 months period and totally ignore this comment.

No need to remind him

Obviously quoted by a  man ….


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