I feel like saying

‘F**k the Geneva Convention’ when fighting the likes of ISIS.  This country as seen many a war, we lived through two world wars, a Falklands war and an IRA terrorist campaign.. but never in my life have I heard such atrocities committed by a group since the holocaust of the second world war.

The Geneva Convention:

The Geneva Convention for the Amelioration of the Condition of Wounded, Sick and Shipwrecked Members of Armed Forces at Sea was adopted in 1906. It was significantly revised and replaced by the Second Geneva Convention of 1949. The Geneva Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War was adopted in 1929.

ISIS don’t take prisoners, they don’t treat them under the rules of the Geneva Convention and we hear new atrocities on a daily basis.

One story that today made me feel like saying ‘F**k the Geneva Convention’ was a story I read in the Mirror from earlier this month.

Sick ISIS militants fed a desperate mum the mutilated remains of her son – after telling her it was cooked meat and rice, it was claimed today.

The son had been captured and taken prisoner by Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq.

The worried mum then bravely visited the terror group’s headquarters in a bid to speak to her loved one.

ISIS fighters told the mum she should eat before seeing her son because she had travelled a long way.

However, after giving the mother cooked meat, rice and soup, she was horrified to be told she had just eaten her son.

Homosexuality can result in you being thrown from a building and then your corpse is stoned.

Barbaric monsters is all that I can call these ISIS fighters.  Why should any soldier who is on the frontline fighting these monsters have a fear of being court martialled if they dare even look at a prisoner in the wrong way.  These bastards don’t fight by the Geneva Convention, so, should we?

They have no intention of fighting fair, soldiers are beheaded

The six-minute clip shows the bearded ISIS member beheading three Peshmerga soldiers in an Iraqi street.

In the barbaric act , he slit the throats of the men knelt before him before cutting off their heads.

Their heads are then placed on top of their bodies in the middle of the road in Nineveh Province, Iraq.

The sickening video was apparently made to warn Kurdish forces, as it threatens ‘you will not be able to hold off the Islamic State’.

At one point in the clip, bystanders watch and cars drive by as the horrific act is carried out.

I don’t know the outcome of if, how and when ISIS will be defeated but one thing I do know is this… I am sick to death of hearing our politicians telling us to ‘carry on as normal’.  It is not them that are grieving today because some lunatics run amok in Paris and killed innocent people, or families just coming to terms with the loss of loved ones and those injured in the Brussels attacks.  Or those people who daily live in fear  because they are under the rule of ISIS.


But by tearing up the rule book of the Geneva Convention whilst fighting the likes of ISIS, does it make us as barbaric as them?  Or are we just too scared to say ‘If you abide by the Geneva Convention so will we, but the moment you breach it ..the gloves are off’?


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