The death of Harambe was tragic.. but

409054-1464544617-wideNobody can deny that the death of Harambe was tragic… but so would the death of a child should Harambe decide that child became a threat.

It is all too easy to blame the parents, but being a parent myself, with my hand on my heart, there has been times when my child became ‘slippery’ and just waited for that moment my back was turned to do his dastardly deed.

Yes the parents should have had more control.. especially if they knew their child was a high-spirited child.. but you can’t keep your eye on your child 24/7.  There are times when you have to attend to another child or do something and your back in turned.  And it is in that one split second your little rascal is off doing his own adventure.

We can blame the zoo for shooting Harambe without using a tranquilizer first.. but what would have happened if that dart had been shot and Harambe became agitated.. he could have killed that little boy… also if he was stumbling around he could have fallen on the little boy and crushed.

Gorillas are strong.. and I don’t think we as humans realise how strong they can be.. plus today we live in a society where we sue, sue, sue and sue some more.

If that child had been killed or maimed the parents could have and probably would have sued the zoo for not having adequate protection in order to protect the public from potentially dangerous animals.

Petitions have been flying around, demanding the parents get prosecuted… but a friend of mine said something on Facebook that really drove home … how children can wander off… they gave an example by saying

That they were going to a show, and no doubt there will be a place where you can collect your lost child… a place where you can take a child who is lost too… so that their parents can collect them should god forbid they did lose their child..  Should we have the Police and Social Services on hand at the ‘lost child contact point’ to prosecute them because their child has wandered off?

And even on beaches in my day… many a time you would hear tannoy announcements, asking for the parents of ‘so and so’ to go to certain place to collect their child.

It is easy for us to judge another person’s parenting skills… but what we must remember each and every one of us has had, if they are being truthful, one of those hearts in mouths moment with their child.. where you are so thankful nothing serious happened because our child did a dangerous thing.

In all of the petitions online over Harambe’s death the most thought-provoking one came from a petitioner called Ani who was upset at Harambe’s death but also upset that Harambe was held captive in a zoo.

It got me thinking deep and hard, because I like zoos.  Have I been party to this animal’s captive suffering because I have paid money to visit a zoo?  Should animals be kept in confined quarters and have the people keep gawking at them?  Is it time we as a human race decided that zoos are places we shouldn’t have in society today?  Should it be time for all animals, who wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild, to be sent to a sanctuary where they can live out their lives and roam freely without having members of the public shouting at them or gawking at them… or in the case of Harambe people screaming their guts out because a little boy had decided to go on what he felt like was as good adventure, when in fact it was the most dangerous thing he could do..

That child fell 10-12 feet… he was lucky that the fall didn’t kill him… it is so easy to blame the parents, the zoo handlers, uncle Tom Cobley and all, when perhaps we are to blame for paying good money to see animals caged up.

If you want to see Gorillas in their natural habitat perhaps it is time to start signing a petition to get the Gorillas sent to a sanctuary.  We know they would never survive in the wild now.. and perhaps these breeding programmes to put more Gorillas back into the wild should be done away from the public’s eye.  A place that is natural to the animal.. a place where they have far more space to roam freely, a place where they are not a human’s entertainment.

I signed the petition… will you?



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  1. Trinity says:

    I recently read an open letter from a woman who has worked with gorillas for years; she said quite plainly that the body language of the gorilla on the videos she saw was displaying power – and when the male is engaged in that, he drags, smashes and pounds anything he can get his hands on, such as a branch, a rock, or in this case – a child. The gorilla would have harmed or killed the child had the zoo not acted so swiftly. The tranquillizer would have taken far too long on such a muscle mass to knock the gorilla out, and in the meantime he would have likely gotten agitated. In the best interest of the child, they had to take the action they did.
    As you said, it is all too easy to blame someone – whether parents, or zoo, for what happened; but what I find amazing is that people who were not there, who do not know the parents or the policies of zoos, and have merely seen a short (and probably fuzzy) video clip, can form strong opinions on the matter…
    You make an interesting point about animals intended for their natural habitats; the only flaw I see in that (actually ideal) plan is that natural habitat is evaporating; many animals would be poached or shot for encroaching on “human” territory now… sometimes zoos, with a large, open area for the animals to roam, is the best solution given the alternatives.


    1. Bren says:

      Yes I think I read her post on Facebook… I think the Zoo had no alternative really… it is just a shame that we live in a society where animals are poached and shot just for the fun of it.. The amount of animals shot just for friggin sport amazes me… they are not shot because they are lame or injured they are penned into a certain enclosure and hunted by educated people who have far too much money and time on their hands.

      I hate seeing all these photos of these murderers, standing there grinning like a Cheshire cat holding up their prey… totally sick behaviour… If they want a sport that rushes the adrenaline… go rock climbing… go and do something that gives you that rush.. but leave innocent animals alone.


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