Facebook Detox…

facebook-pillsWell I am into day 3 of my Facebook Detox and so far I haven’t had to resort to the Doctors to get him to prescribe me a handful of these to take four times a day. 😀 😀

However, one thing I am most certain of… is that Facebook is nothing but bloody dramas and a playground for bullies and liars at times… Missing people’s pages trolled because they loathe the parents of a child…

Then throw in the ‘Feel sorry for me posts when there’s sod all wrong with me’ posts and you have situation of where you have to sit on your fingers and make them go dead, for fear of saying something truthful and causing a bloody argument.. 😀 😀  And if you do manage to skip by those posts without posting a comment, you will probably end up 10 times as depressed as when you logged on. 😀 😀

And it definitely doesn’t do your health any good reading the ‘Give me Sympathy Posts’, especially if all you just want to say is, ‘FFS we all have our crosses to bear’.

Do I miss the ‘Re-post this and say Amen or you will have 40 years of bad luck or you will die in the night, if you don’t’?  Hold on let me think there… got it….Definitely not!!!  I have never been one for paying particular attention to chain letters as they were called in the past..  To be brutally honest, in my life… I have been the one to rip them up and throw them in the waste-bin, if I’ve had friends receive them and they didn’t know what to do. They are designed to scare you and to create fear and make you become just as sick and twisted through fear, by reposting them, as the person who started them off in the first place.

The sad reality of life… is that crap that hits you in life… sometimes is of your own doing. Maybe at times you need to stand back in life and accept responsibility for your actions, and why someone is peed off with you.. to put it bluntly.

Facebook isn’t all bad… and it wouldn’t be fair of me to say it was… but it is addictive.. and to be perfectly honest, why do I need to see a photo of someone’s breakfast?  I have made some brilliant friends on Facebook… people who have shared my interest in Photography, people I have got to know through Forums and I am missing them… to say I’m not would be a total lie.  And yes I do miss catching up with my real-life friends and family… I miss seeing their photos and having a chin-wag.  Well there is always ‘WhatsApp’ for that. 😀 😀

unplug-and-breathe-facebookFacebook can be a great place… to say find a missing child or adult… or a lost pet.. but the majority of times someone somewhere will have an opinion that is bound to rock the boat and a comment is posted purely to inflame matters.. To get two sides of differing opinions into a bloody battlefield of hate-spilled comments…  And you know that comment which should never have been written for the public to read is purely posted by people just to get an argument going or to make someone feel crap about themselves  And there comes a time when you just have to ‘Unplug and Breathe’.

Perhaps the saying ‘If you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all’ should be a motto for social media.  And then we all might not want to go through the ‘Facebook Detox Programme’.

Will I make it into week two of this detox programme… God knows…  I hope so.


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  1. Some people in their 20s say they are “digital natives” and social media is just part of life. But are Millennials true digital natives? No, because the big switch to the internet and life as we know it now occurred while they were in high school or college. It is the next generation, Generation Z, or Centennials, who have only known social media and nothing before it. Maybe this really young bunch can claim that they literally cannot function without social media as their very existence seems to depend upon it. Social media is naturally linked to youth and every other use of social media is a forced effort. That said, social media is very much here to stay and used by everyone from every strata of life, virtually from cradle to grave.

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    1. Bren says:

      Very true… some of the youngsters haven’t known anything than social media… in my day a ‘Playstation’ was a ball in the park and ride on swings and roundabout. I was talking to my other half and he isn’t on social media.. and can’t understand it at all or even the concept of it.. he can’t understand why you have to inform the world the moment you do something.. anyway he was saying it won’t be long before the marriage vows are changed to ‘I now name you man and wife and you can now update your Facebook Status’. 😀 😀


  2. Laurie says:

    I unplugged from Facebook just about a month ago. Closed my account. The last post I read was someone complaining about driving to Cape Cod, MA (vacation spot). I haven’t been away for years. It hit me that facebook really was not fun anymore (too many personal go fund me’s too). Nice post.


    1. Bren says:

      I know Facebook has lost its fun…too many look at me posts for my liking. I would close my account but I use it to promote our photography


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