Dishface Incompetent

David Cameron’s government committed an act of gross negligence and deepened the uncertainty surrounding the impact of Brexit by instructing Whitehall not to make any contingency plans for a vote to leave the EU, parliament’s foreign affairs select committee has said.

The former Cabinet Office minister, Oliver Letwin, told the committee that no plans for Brexit were ordered because it was possible they would leak and then be seen as unwarranted interference in the referendum campaign.

The committee’s report says Cameron’s “considered view not to instruct key departments including the Foreign Office (FCO) to plan for the possibility that the electorate would vote to leave the EU amounted to gross negligence”.

2813Sorry but I am now fed up with Brexit being blamed for everything… You know the people who are spouting that those of us who voted to leave have created the pound to fall … and the country to be in an uncertain future.


AND NO WE ARE NOT RASCIST … because we wanted immigration controlled.  The NHS is at breaking point now.. people in this country are resorting to food banks to feed their families… terrorism is at an all time high… and common sense tells you that you just can’t keep taking people in… without it draining the sparse resources we have.

The solution to the crisis is to STOP the WAR in Syria… and the reason we are now facing an uncertain future is because ‘Dishface‘ with his smug smile… that you just want to slap… decided to become INCOMPETENT.  Yes he didn’t organise a contingency plan or give a ‘rats arse’ should the vote not go his way.  He was convinced he was going to win… and so he just sat back and did NOTHING.

Now we know full well why he walked out of number 10 and said ‘I quit’… he had ****ed it up good and proper and he knew it.

So if you want to blame someone, then blame him ‘Dishface Cameron’  and not us that voted to leave.


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