Poor Little Kitty Kat

For some American people, I suspect they are rather curious as to why some of us Brits have taken such an interest into the upcoming Presidential Election, especially when it comes to Trump.  Some might even go as far as saying ‘It’s nothing to do with you Brits.’

But, you see, he might get to be just your President; but for the rest of the world we are worried sick, that is misogynistic, racist, foul-mouthed, tax-avoiding, bigot will gain more power and become more obsessed on his path of ethnic cleansing.  And there is nothing like a power-crazed, self-centred,  jack ass who hates women, Muslims, Mexicans, and any one who doesn’t agree with him, or a have set of dangly bits between their legs having  their hands on the nuclear codes that could start a world war, is there?  And in turn that will affect not just Americans but everyone on this earth.

For all those women, falling at his feet, singing his praises… well it will only be a matter of time before he turns on you… don’t be fooled by his smarmy way… it is as clear as the nose on his face… he looks down and loathes women.  To him they are an object… they are something, to be mauled at, abused and a gender to treat with no respect.

I don’t go much on Hillary Clinton, and yes the email fiasco, is something that holds a lot of questions… but it is nowhere near as odious as a man who thinks he is smart for paying NO TAXES.

Can you image would life would be like if none of us paid our taxes?  Our children wouldn’t be at school.. there would be no welfare, no police forces, no public services, absolutely nothing it would literally be anarchy on the streets.

And people have stomped and shouted because companies use every tax loop-hole going but when it comes to Trump there is no uproar from his supporters.  The only people who think he has no morals are those that oppose him.

That is why the world at the moment is sitting with bated breath in hope that this abysmal person doesn’t get elected into the White House.

I am no Hillary Clinton fan… but as far as I can see it… it is the lesser of two evils.


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