Child Immigration..

How far should we go?

Should we enforce dental checks like David Davies wants?  Or should we have an open door policy when it comes to anybody claiming that they are a child?

Sky News reports this

Home Office figures show that two thirds of refugees who had their ages assessed were found to be adults, despite claiming to be children.

Data from the year ending in June showed 1,060 asylum applicants’ ages were called into question.

Some 933 had an age assessment and 636 were deemed to be over 18.

From January 2006 to June this year, 11,847 applicants were assessed for their age: 5,278 were found to be over 18.

So two-thirds of those 993 migrants who had an age assessment  were actually adults..  according to those particular figures.. that is 68% of those assessed lying about their age to gain entry into this country.  So 68% were falsely claiming to be a child when they were in fact adults.

And out of the 11,847 applicants who were assessed for their age… 44.5% again were lying to gain entry to this country.

Are these figures acceptable?  Most definitely not.

I am NOT being racist… I am not being a bigot… but those who are lying to gain entry are putting another child at the back of the queue… so don’t go blaming us, blame those who want to abuse the system.  Because it is those people who are denying these children entry.  What man or woman puts their own needs before that of a child?

backscatter-scan-02And whether we like it or not… every time we travel at an airport we are checked… some guy sits in a booth and see our dangly bits and boobs…all because of airport security.

In order to travel we expose ourselves to radiation.. and if you want to have a fortnight’s holiday in the USA you have to apply for a ESTA and pay for the privilege of giving your life’s history away.

Yet we think it is unethical to make children have dental checks to prove their age? Oh come on get real.  Of course children need to be checked… children at a young age can be radicalised… history has proven that.  And only recently in Turkey a 12 year old went on a suicide mission by ISIS claiming the lives of 51 people at a wedding party.

Children are being abused and used by ISIS because nobody wants to harm a child… children are doing ISIS’s dirty work.. and are being radicalised in the process.  The time we live in at this precise moment are thwart with danger and the fear of possible terrorist attacks is real… so every person who comes into this country whether they are man, woman or child need to have stringent checks made before gaining entry.

NINTCHDBPICT000261418159Don’t blame me as a citizen for wanting people checked before coming into this country.. blame the terrorists who are using children and making us weary of children.  Children are being turned into suicide bombers and one 12 year old smiled before a camera before blowing himself up.

Child.PNGAnd another child had their suicide vest removed before he had the chance to blow himself and others up.  That terror plot on the streets of Kirkuk was foiled by the bravery of the Iraqi police.

Whether these children are being brainwashed or kidnapped and threatened is yet to be really determined… but the most disturbing fact is this… could some of these children glory in what is happening and by what ISIS do?  Could some of these children want to the like ISIS jihadists?  And could some of these children.. be radicalised enough to be at Calais hoping to get into the UK to try and cause carnage here? And why is it so wrong to ask these questions, when it is reported regularly that children are being used to do the dirty work of jihadists?

Asking children a to have dental checks and background checks.. to determine age.. is a small price to pay for ensuring that only children enter…. If it meant them being allowed to come to Britain then I am sure they wouldn’t mind doing tests… asking, ‘Are you under 18?’ is not an acceptable test.

Asking for proper checks is NOT being racist, bigoted, hateful, unethical, fear-mongering or whatever else you want to call it… it is being practical and security conscious.

To think that children are being used by ISIS and turned into radicalised young men and women is something that is beyond comprehension… but it happens… putting our heads in the sand and pussy-footing around the subject.. is not at all helpful.. and neither does it solve the reasons as to why some of these young children turn into radicalised murderers…

It is a sad fact of our time… that security has to be given top priority.. especially when many of the migrants don’t have proper identity papers and refuse to give details and register with the countries they first land in.  I am sure if you asked a child to have a dental check.. to confirm their age and to have proper background checks made, they would gladly agree… especially if it meant that they could leave the jungle of Calais if all checks came back clear.

And the way it looks to me… you have far more checks carried out on a person, who works with children.. even if they serve the kids their dinners… than you do for migrants.

And Jack Straw is right when he says:

introducing ‘dental checks’ would be the ‘sensible thing to do’ and the lack of age tests risks undermining public confidence in Britain’s asylum system.


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