So Sharon O.. spends £230k

On flying her dogs between the UK and the USA.. so what!!! I definitely don’t think there is any need for a journalist to come out with this comment on twitter..

…without looking into what Sharon O does for charity.

Looking at a site called Look to the Stars will show you exactly what Sharon does for charity and which causes she supports.

After the Asian tsunami she created a single, a cover of Eric Clapton’s hit ‘Tears In Heaven’, the proceeds of which went to Save the Children.

Osbourne also became a bingo caller on the British fundraising show Comic Relief in an attempt to raise money for the charity.

In 2012 Osbourne became a spokeswoman for the Atkins diet and has written a blog for the company about managing a healthy lifestyle. Having beaten colon cancer, she is also focused on the needs of others, partnering with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to launch the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program, with the mission to provide free screenings, support and healthcare to low-income cancer patients.

Sharon represents 17 Charities

As well as supporting 15 causes, which include, Aids & HIV, Animals, Disaster Relief, Poverty, Abuse, Cancer, Civil Rights and many more..

Of course not forgetting the £10,000 she gave to a terminally ill young man back in 2013.

Big-hearted Sharon Osbourne was last night praised for her “huge” generosity to the family of a ­terminally-ill young dad.

The X Factor judge donated £10,000 after hearing about the plight of Ryan Glenny, 23, who is suffering from bowel cancer and has been given just months to live.

So if Sharon wants to spend £230K a year of her earnings on flying her dogs around.. good luck to her… I think she supports a lot of charities and does a lot of giving.. so I think because she uses some of her own money to fly her dogs.. making snide comments without fact-finding is rather putrid.

And as for the hype because she forgot someone’s name… when on X Factor… my god I do that all day… I am like Sharon, can’t remember names..  It was only the other week when in town my old neighbour stopped me and for the life of me I couldn’t think of her name.. so I have learnt a lesson… call everyone ‘mate’, it sure gets you out of awkward situations. 😀 😀

And whilst on the subject of dogs, do you know what? If I had the money, I would fly my dogs around when on holiday… because the thought of them going into kennels makes me feel guilty for shoving them in kennels whilst I have a holiday.

Now I am off to slap my wrists because I treated my dogs this week to some treats instead of handing the money over to a homeless person… shame on me.


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