It’s nearly all over

All but the crying..Yes The Great British Bake Off is over next week.. and Selasi won’t be playing cook and heart-throb to millions… The tent will be emptied for the last and final time. The GBBO will never be the same again.

sue_perkins_and_mel_giedroyc_quit_as_hosts_of_the_great_british_bake_offMel and Sue will no longer host.. no more wit.. no more charm… no more fun and games.. Next week will be the end for this duo who have kept us glued to our TV Sets for the whole seven seasons. 

Paul and Mary part company… and Jo Brand will now have to find another job because there will be no, Great British Bake Off… Extra Slice.

The tent will never be the same.. Channel Four might have bought the rights from Love Productions.. but for us viewers we might have to wait until 2018 before we see another Great British Bake Off hit our screens.. due to the GBBO’s contractual obligations to the BBC.. BBC could do another show.. but could face legal action if the series resembles  the GBBO..

Any new format involving the three popular presenters is likely to be pored over by Love’s lawyers for any rights issues. The Bake Off producers have previously threatened court proceedings against the BBC for a show involving a search for the nation’s leading hair stylist, called Hair, claiming the deployment of several rounds and a technical challenge made it too similar to Bake Off.

91336940_mel_mary_sue_paIt feels like Mary and Paul or getting divorced and the tensions in the tent between the hosts are now showing… with Sue making a quick jibe at Paul at every opportunity.. and who can blame her… money seems more important to Paul than a good show.

Paul: “Remember, it’s the semi-finals. So it’s not only got to taste good, it’s got to look good, too.”

Sue: “And Paul, I think you have an appointment at Banalities R Us, just over there. Mary, we’ll see you later.”

If it wasn’t bad enough having to watch the show knowing that next week’s episode will be the final one ever.. we had to hear that Selasi was voted out.. which of course sent Twitter into a meltdown.

With Jane, Candice and Andrew the final ones to be in the tent ever… with the current hosts.. I am sure things will hot up in the kitchen before the final curtain… and Candice, I am sure, will be given one final opportunity to pout those lips…

The tent will never be the same ever again.. No more grumpy Paul.. no more quick-witted Sue and Mel .. no more Mary… No more Great British Bake Off as we know and love it.

Rest in Peace #GBBOgbbo_1_extended_final….


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