Identity Cards

What’s the problem?

Sorry for the life of me I can’t see what the problem is in carrying a national identity card. Do I have one of these?


Yes I do… and I suspect many of you do too… the vast majority of us carry a driving licence whether it be a full licence or a provisional.

Do I have one of these?


You bet I do… and I know I need it should I wish to go on holiday abroad.  If I don’t want to give my information to the Passport Office then I don’t travel.. simples.

Do I have one of these?


Yes I do and I bet you do too… simply put if we didn’t have one of these with our National Insurance Number on it.. we wouldn’t be able to work.. would we?

Would I object to one of these?


Most certainly not.. And for the life of me I can’t see why any person would be too upset.. that is unless they have something to hide.

In fact I will go as far as saying if I could carry one card, with my driver’s licence details, passport details, national insurance number, and my ID details on it.. the better and easier it is for me.  Than having to carry passports, driver’s licence.

Whatever you do now there is a likelihood it is being recorded on CCTV… once you switch on your phone authorities can triangulate where that phone was used.  And in order to get a monthly contract phone they need to see your driver’s licence or passport.  The only way to get around not having any of these cards except the National Insurance Card – which is automatically issued to you if you are a British Citizen – is to not drive, use a pay-as-you-go phone.. and never holiday abroad. Oh and not forgetting don’t go out side of your house.. because CCTV is likely to catch you.  And if you do all of that you are still identifiable by your NHS number which is given to you at birth.  There is a record of you somewhere along the line.. from the moment you are born.  Whether it be for your parents to claim Child Allowance or for you to have your immunisations as a baby.  Somewhere on some system is a detailed report of you.

Oh sorry about that change house for tent in woods, because I have just remembered  you can’t buy a house or rent a house without showing some form of ID.

People scream and shout it is an invasion of privacy… and not right to be forced to carry identity cards.. but our identity in some form or another is on one or more computer systems.  You can’t open a bank account without having ID.. you can’t even work on a building site as a self-employed person, without having a CIS card.

Everywhere you go and whatever you do… somewhere someone will want to see your ID.. so please tell me what is the problem with having one form of ID that covers everything and carrying it with you at all times?

And having ID cards, would help with immigration.. and the illegal immigrants that are here in this country .. because if you don’t have a card.. then you should be deported.

I really would like to know the big objection? Because the only reason I can think as to why people don’t want to have a national identity card is because they have something to hide or they are resident here illegally.


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  1. angloswiss says:

    I enjoyed this post. A view of identification from GB. I am British basically, but have living in Switzerland for the past 50 years, married a Swiss and so have two nationalities, Swiss and UK. Yes, identity card is so much easier, although not all countries accept them. England does, which is quite good. Unfortunately the banks are not keen on them. My last visit to London was due to my father’s death. He was my last nearest relation in GB so I had some business to terminate I decided to transfer a large amount of my english bank a/c to Switzerland as I had no great need any more for this account. Unfortunately I only had my Swiss identity card, so it was a no go. Had it been a Swiss passport it would have been OK. I never bothered to renew my British passport as it expired last year and I knew it would not be worth the trouble and expense. There was a loophole for me to transfer money, £3000 at a time, with extra charges. I could never understand why GB refused to issue identity cards, they are so much easier. But even our identity cards in Switzerland (and other european countries) do not include everything. Your photo, birthdate, nationality is about all. All the rest still has to be on other cards.

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    1. Bren says:

      Thank you for your comment.. so sorry to hear about your loss… I think the banks were unhelpful because we don’t have identity cards… honestly I don’t understand the problem people have with them. We all carry credit cards, bank cards, driving licences, and other forms of ID yet people cry invasion of privacy because they are asked to carry an ID card.


  2. MikeB says:

    I like this 2006 Guardian article by Henry Porter which gives a contrasting point of view.


    1. Bren says:

      That is a good article .. but this paragraph made me laugh..

      Every time you get a library card, make a hire-purchase agreement, apply for a fishing or gun licence, buy a piece of property, withdraw a fairly small amount of your money from your bank, take a prescription to your chemist, apply for a resident’s parking permit, buy a plane ticket, or pay for your car to be unclamped you will be required to swipe your card and the database will silently record the transaction. There will be almost no part of your life that the state will not be able to inspect.

      Already for a gun licence, hire-purchase agreement, get a prescription, apply for a parking permit, buy a house or travel you already have to show some form of ID… whether it be a driving licence of passport.

      And I agree it wouldn’t stop home grown terrorism.. but it would stop people being illegal in this country… even that article agrees that it will be hard for illegal immigrants.

      If you refuse to have a passport… no airport authority is going to let you travel… if you refuse to apply for a driving licence you can’t drive a car… and you have to prove who you are to get these items.. so what is wrong with all these details being on one ID… And you pay for your licence you pay for your passport.. and you even have to pay for a pre-prescription payment card… so you are paying already..

      Every time you get fulfil a prescription the NHS database knows what medication you take.. they know your age, DOB and address.. they know your medical history… so there is already a digital footprint of you online somewhere.

      Seriously I can’t see the problem with having one card that shows your NHS Number, Driving Licence Number, Passport Number and National Insurance Number and photo…you already give this information to authorities so I can’t see why people are jumping up and down because they are being asked to provide a fingerprint and iris scan. Even for my blue badge.. I have my photograph on it.


      1. MikeB says:

        Having lots of numbers for lots of services for which one can choose whether to be part of, is one thing. Having one number linking the lot, or even replacing the lot, and on a central, government controlled database, and which would be compulsory – no thanks.


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